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Summary: A neurotic clean freak maid bot

Roomba 0U812 NPC

Owned by:

Gender: Female

Age: over 1 million

Group: Mechs



Job/Skill/Physical or Mental Flaw

Job: Robot Maid to a rich Family
Skills: Laundry, Cooking, Cleaning, Interpretation, Analysis, Logistics, Shopping, Accounting, Bills, etc.
Physical Flaw: Old parts from lack of maintenance
Mental Flaw: Loopy from lack of maintenance, Clean freak


Robot Maid

Physical Appearance

A humanoid shaped robot with a snarky female voice.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 300 lbs
Hair: Red Wig
Voice: Snarky Mom Mode
Skin: Steel
Clothing: Maid uniform
Attachments: Air Dryer on bottom, Vacuum hose connected to mouth, Groinal Attachment: On mechanoids, this item appeared as a long tube attached to the groinal socket of the mechanoid. It could have a vacuum cleaner, egg whisk, hedge trimmer, buzzsaw or power drill attached to it (and, it is implied, other attachments).

Personality and Interests

As a cleaning droid, she enjoys such tasks like cleaning, ironing. Due to her data banks, she has a vast knowledge of topics, such as space phenomenon, cleaning, cuisine, history and art. She can understand most, if not all known languages, thanks to her Universal Translator. For unknown reasons she has a reverse mode. To relax, she would watch the mechanoid soap opera "Androids". She talks like a condescending racy mom.


"We Say So" Inc. is a private, for-profit interstellar corporation that produces artificial intelligences, especially mechanoids. She is one of the elite service bots for the rich and shameless. She is dedicated to her service and over time became a bit of a clean freak due to lack of maintenance for a million years and no one to talk to.

Favourite Sayings

That was my virgin-alarm. It's programmed to go off before you do!
Oil. Oil.
I wonder if she's glad.

Favourite food

Oil and a powercell

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