Some Progress

Evelina: Jaxx tell Maxx to prep the ram scoop for emergency repairs. We need to find an asteroid belt.

Jaxx: Uh Maxx do wut she said.

Maxx: Apprroooooooooooved.

Suddenly the ship began to change directions as the ram scoop slowly forced itself open and rocked the ship. Everyone had to hold on to keep from falling.

Evelina: Now wut?

Honey: Now we need to make our way to the engine rooms to control wut gets fixed first. Right Gray?

Then the crew scrambled to find the engine room without the luxury of elevators. It was an interesting scramble down many many staircases and over decking. However in an hour they finally made it to the engine room. From there they supervised the repairs. Between the remaining crew they focused on fixing the bare essentials to get them to the next place for ore.

Honey: It will take a week to repair one power plant as well as the damaged hulls. Barf?

Barf: Yeah wut?

Honey: Focus on fixing the drones so we can get more help.

Barf: Oh yeah that makes sense.

Jaxx: So like wut do we do?

Honey: Jaxx you stay close since you have to give commands.

Eve: And me?

Honey: Keep Jaxx from breaking anything.

Eve: Fair enough.

Jaxx: Not cool Evebabe.

Eve: Sorry Jaxx, but she is right in that you are very good at breaking stuff.

Jaxx sighed since it was true.

Eve looked at the screen to see what Maxx was up to.

Eve: Say Honey? How long will Maxx be like that?

Honey looked at Maxx who was clearly mad. Then she sighed and looked at Eve again to reply.

Honey: It may be a while so just be patient till we can stabilize the ship.

A few weeks went by as they were using the ship's ram scoop to bring in ore to be processed into usable materials. The drones that were working were using materials to fix the damage hulls while other worked on fixing Maxx's damaged computer system. It was a long and slow process in which very taxing on the crew. They took turns sleeping and eating so they could work in shifts.


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