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Summary: An old giant mining rust bucket still holding together

SS Paradox

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Gender: None

Age: over 1 million

Group: Ships


Exploration/Mining Ship

Job/Skill/Physical or Mental Flaw

Spacecraft are used for a variety of purposes, including mining, scouting, time traveling, space tourism and exploration. Diverse spaceship designs exist, such as the huge six-mile-long.
The "scoop" on the front of the ship captures hydrogen from the currents in space and converts it into fuel.


SS Paradox mining and exploration ship

Physical Appearance

Notable areas of the ship over the past series include:

Sleeping quarters — A grey room with bunk beds built into the wall, a table, two lockers, a sink with a mirror that also acts as a computer screen and a voice activated toilet.
Officer's Quarters - substantially larger, with a cream color scheme and en suite shower as well as classier versions of much of the apparatus from their original quarters.
Level 147 appears to have been the nerve center of the vessel. It contained the Central Drive Room, the navigational control center of the ship. The Central Drive Room also contains the Navicomp, the ship's navigational computer, and several computer monitors which the AI is used to project his/her image and communicate with the crew. The Captain's office was also on Floor 147, next to the Central Drive Room.
Level 592 contains the Hologram projection suite.
The Science Room— This became the crew's main area of conducting technical business such as mind swaps and consultations with the AI, the ship's computer. Apparently the vessel could be navigated from the Science Room as well as the Drive Room.
The cargo bay— The area of the ship where the fleets of transport ships were stored and from where these ships launched and landed.
White Corridor 159— The initial site of the accident that wiped out the crew.
The Cinema.
The Observation Dome.
A Mall
The Copa Cabana Cocktail Bar— A wine bar on G Deck, apparently named purely for a Casablanca gag.
The Tank— A two-hundred cell Prison on the top-secret Floor Thirteen of the ship, which held in custody 400 hardened criminals on their way to a penal colony on Adolphi 12.

Personality and Interests

The AI has gone loopy due to lack of maintenance.


The SS Paradox was humanities last hope for finding a new home after Earth was nearing its end. The SS Paradox is the size of a city and was home to approx. 12,000 humans and genetic life forms made for service. There was also a compliment of mechs and robots in service of the crew. However due to a flaw in the ships design a radiation leak caught the crew off guard and wiped out most of the crew with the exception of those in stasis. So for the next 1 million years the AI kept the remaining crew safe till the radiation was neutralized. Sadly the AI has gone a bit loopy due to a lack of maintenance and support so it is randomly waking up the sleeping crew members.

Favourite Sayings

Now, I'm no librarian, in fact, I don't know what star sign I am. But, as a famous person once said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." And as I - another more famous person - once said, "If you don't teach them to read, you can fool them whenever you like."
Ah - love - the walks over soft grass, the smiles over candlelight, the fights over just about everything else..

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