It Gets Worse

With that she was off to find the important things, clothes, food, and then the missing items that Maxx had told her about.

Heading out of the pod, she noticed the piles of whitish powered in the halls.

“Maxx, could you have Barker send a maintenance droid to vacuumed by my pod,” she asked as she started her search.

Maxx: Shhhh....shhhhh.....shhhhhureeeeeee. Will do Ms. Shiny Shoes.

Maxx was still glitching again as he spoke. Maxx sounded like a cheap sound system used by a beginner DJ. He began ranting along on the speaker as if he had a lot to say after not having anyone to talk to after a million years.

Maxx's Rant

Jaxx looked at his Watch communication devise was Maxx was off the reservation again. He figured Maxx was probably damaged over the time he was sleeping and shrugged it off as he was taking a long walk to the command deck to get some answers. Evelina on the other hand had no idea Maxx was acting loopy as she had yet to talk to anyone. In fact It was by mere coincident that she did not run into the Rat Pack or Pizza Tha Hutt as she left her work place to head to the bar. It was also a coincident that she failed to notice the Elvis Robot who was still charging behind the stage curtains. The only thing she noticed was the piles of powder all over the place. granted non of it made any sense she figured she could ask the Captain on the Command Deck when she got there even though it was a long walk. Bark on the other hand was taking a small break since he was getting tired from walking to much. Since he was overweight and lazy he got tired easily but now that he was part dog he had a bit more pep in his step. Sadly though it was still a long walk and he was not getting any answers from Maxx who is missing some circuits if you know what I mean.

So as the crew members were making their way to the Command Deck. Several three foot tall rats were scurrying about the ship to get more info on the crew that was walking about the ship now under the orders of Pizza Tha Hutt. The Rats feared Pizza and though they lacked a moral compass, they obeyed him knowing it meant the end if they refused.

Suddenly Maxx recalled his conversation with Sora and stopped his rant to call Bark on his comm.

Maxx: Attttttttttentttttttion Level 2 Barf Barf Barf Barf Barf Barker. Your have been req....req....requested by Sora Elgin. I am guessing that...that...that something else....else....else..... broke on this rust bucket.

Bark: Eh? Isn't she the librarian?

Maxx: Uhhhhhhhhhh....yes?

Bark: Oh so she is alive too huh? So what broke?

Maxx: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm......mmmmm....mmmmmm god question. I do not

Bark: If its not important then tell her to met me at the Bridge. We need to find who else is still alive. So any clue how many survivors you can confirm?

Maxx: Not sure...sure....sure. There seems to be a rat...rat....rat....rat problem in the court so it confuses my sensors.

Bark: Great. As soon as I catch my breath I'll meet everyone in the bridge.

Maxx: March on my fuzzy friend.


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