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Summary: A second hand Elvis Droid Impersonator

Elvis Droid NPC

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Gender: Male

Age: over 1 million

Group: Specialist


Entertainment Droid: An animatronic droid programmed to carry out a simple series of repetitive actions for the entertainment of humans.

Job/Skill/Physical or Mental Flaw

Job: A poor copy of Elvis that performs Elvis songs and dances for the crew of the SS Paradox.
Skills: Can sing and dance like Elvis
Physical Flaw: Can be damaged since his body is old and not armored.
Mental Flaw: Lack of maintenance for 1 million years. Believes he is Elvis


Entertainment Droid

Physical Appearance

Looks like Kurt Russel dressed like Elvis.

Personality and Interests

The Elvis Entertainment Droid acts like the stereotype Elvis


While the SS Paradox was was in construction they were looking for crew, supplies, resources and other additional info. However the person in charge of the entertainment department was unqualified and put in charge at the last minute since the prior staff member died from questionable means. So many things were in disarray when they took over and many things on order were botched including the Elvis Entertainer which looked like Kurt Russel dressed as Elvis. This was caused due to the prior staff member getting their info from a bad movie called 3,000 Miles to Graceland. Granted he did his job singing songs but over time his programming went a bit loopy and now he believes he is Elvis.

Favourite Sayings

Say little mama.
Don't be cruel.
I'm not trying to be sexy. It's just my way of expressing myself when I move around.

Favourite food

Loves but can't eat Fried peanut Butter Sandwiches

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Image of Elvis Droid NPC
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