Of Rats and Others

After finding some clothes; other than the ones she had been in for however long. She tried to find out but it didn't matter to her. She got changed in one of the changing rooms; her outfit was tight fitting shorts and a half shirt. Which might not have been the best idea but Lark just thought she looked good in it.

She also found a fake tira like headband with fake jewels and and bejeweled butterfly on it. Which she put on her head. With one last look in the mirror, off she went to find the ....place where the ship was commanded....whatever it was called. Command ship?. Ship deck? Deck command? Her mind came up with all kinds of names but not the correct one.

How to find it? She needed a map. That was it. She found something that looked similar to a mall directory but it just confused her even more.

Maybe she could just wander around. A few more of those rat-people came around the corner.

"Hey, rat-people." Lark called out to them.

That got their attention but she wasn't sure what to think when they came closer to her.

"Well, well looked at what we've got here." One of them eyed her over. "I think our boss would like to meet you."

"Who's your boss?" Lark asked.

Two of the rats whispered at each other and then one said, "Pizza The Hut. We'll find you later to meet him. He might like you."

The two rat-people wandered off. Lark wasn't sure she wanted to Pizza The Hut; she wasn't the brightest person but maybe not that stupid.

Lark wandered around for another twenty minutes or so but she finally thought she had found what she was looking for The Command Deck, oh that's what it was called.

She put her hand on a a panel that she guessed might open it and, much to her surprise, it worked. Her other surprise there were living beings on the ship, other than herself and rat people.

"Well, look at that I found....well......you." Lark exclaimed not sure what else to say.

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