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Summary: Socialite, Twin, Spoiled but trying

Lark Windward

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Gender: F

Age: 22

Group: Civilians & Other



Job/Skill/Physical or Mental Flaw

She can sing. Is skilled at hiring others and being a spoiled socialite. At home in front of the camera


She's a civilian. Willing to learn a job but currently no rank or title.

Physical Appearance

Blonde hair, brown eyes. 5'8" Looks like a model.

Personality and Interests

She is spoiled and never had to work for anyone. However, she is willing to try to learn to do things. She's actually not mean just spoiled.


Life with The Windwards was one of the top rated realty shows in its time. (Think Keeping Up With The Kardashians type show)
Lark and her identical twin, Meadow, were two of the biggest draws to the show.
Their parents had inherited a lot of money and made more money through investments; there mom was an actress famous for being a scream queen in many high grossing horror movies. Their dad had been a famous model. Lark and Meadow were just famous for having a famous family and being on the show.

Favourite Sayings

Meadow says....
But I don't like that I want the other one.
Its only (how much it is)

Favourite food

Is it expensive? That's her favorite.


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Image of Lark Windward
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