Ramming Speed

On the Bridge

Lark said nothing about the decor of the Captain's room. She had no idea really how any of this worked but soon enough Meadow was standing before her. She forgot for a moment her sister was a hologram and started to reach out to Meadow but quickly remembered and pulled back.

Meadow started to speak: "Well, took you..." then looked around. "Hey, Lark, Sis. Who are all these people?"

Lark shrugged. "I'm not sure who they all are." She pointed out the people she had gotten the names of. "I think that's Jaxx, Eve, Honey, there's something called Maxx. I didn't get anyone else's name. Oh, wait there are some rat people running around who apparently work for someone named Pizza The Hut."

Meadow looked even closer at everyone. "Well, you obviously all know who we are." It was said like she just expected everyone should have that information. "Who are the rest of you?"

Lark shrunk back a little but she didn't say anything.

Maxx broke the tension with a bit of rambling as his head floated on the vid screen in glitchy motions.


Maxx: Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.......z...zzzz....zzzz. What we have hhhhhhhhhere is a dysfunctional crewwwwwwwwww......... Allllllllllow me to introooooooooooooduce you allllllllllll....llllllll. The chubby Man Dog person there is Barf barker, a Level 2 Techniciannnnnnnnnn for the vending machines annnnnnnd arcade games. Have game will fix.

Barf: Hey I'm just big boned.

Maxx: Annnnnnnd large mentally deficient mmmmmman shark is Master Chief Jaxx. He may have the IQ of aaaaaaaaaaaa glass of milk but he his strong annnnnnnd a very talent swimmmmmmmer.

Jaxx: Wut?

Maxx: The cutttttttttte little hologram byyyyy the console is none other thaaaaaaaan First Console Officer Honey Rider. Ssssssssshe is in charge of flying this rust bucket when not flirting with the guyssssssss at the pub.

Honey: Well. What can I say?

Maxx: Then wwwwwwwwwwwe have the lovely cat lady librarian knooooooown as Sora Elgin. She likes reading books annnnnnd watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

Maxx: The grouchy loooooooking Wolf Man who talks toooooo himself is Midshipman 4th Class Gray Drifter. When he is nooooooooot sleeping on the job he is playing fetch wittttttth his yellow ball.

Maxx: Then we have tttttttthe fabulous Genetic Model Evelina Stone, knownnnnnnnnnnn for her flawless beauty, blackkkkkkk dreadlocks and snappy comebacks. Don't let herrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fool you folks she is smarter than she looks.

Evelina: Ha ha.

Maxx: Then that leaves usssssssss the hosts/actresses of "Life with The Windwards", Lark Windward annnnnnnnnnnnnnd Meadow Windward. Sadly its been a milliooooon years so their show got axed annnnnnnnnnnd the Meadow girl died so, no one really cares. Ha!

The crew began to do an uncomfortable meet and greet to act polite whether they cared to or not since they were going to have to work together to survive. Then Gray began to mess with the console. The others thought Maxx was kidding till Gray was talking to himself.

Gray turned to the others on the bridge. He started to walk to an engineering station his head dropped. "I guess now Lieutenant Drifter," he said dusting off a seat sounding almost tired. Drifter looked at the displays he twitched some. "Fang this is a mess... I know Gray" he said looking they pushed a button that broke. "Dam Fang be careful," As Gray looked over the screen. " Tell them Gray, ya ya hold on," he said looking at another display.

" OK, first we have only two out of four power plants one of them we can not fix, well not without killing all of us. one we can fix if we can make the parts. Right now we are running on one power plant We can try to get the other online but not sure what will happen. We have more red lights than a Christmas tree on this panel. But we can get it up from engineering. We need it up to maneuver the ship with any real speed and get it going." he said.

"I guess Master chief Jaxx is in charge of Security. I just realized my training that was supposed to be in my stasis sleep was stuck on the first three years of my training. So now I know what's on the screen but know nothing on how to fix it all." He got up from the seat.

Jaxx scratched his head as he listened to Gray.

Jaxx: Ummm.....like okay fuzzy dude.

Suddenly First Console Officer Honey Rider appeared where the Light Bug was as it hovered inside her.

Honey: Hello, hello, hello chaps what's going on?

"Rider, let's just say you have been asleep forever. you tell me how what to do and I can do it. we are on one power plant. So we can't do much. I know we are lost but if you can point us back towards earth that would be great. or towards a habitable planet that would be great." He asked.

Honey chuckled at Gray. It was obvious he was trying to sound like a Captain despite knowing absolutely nothing about the job.

Honey: Gray, ye do know we just tell Maxx what to do and he just does it right?

Then a spark goes off on a distant console.

Honey: But as ye can see........Maxx is inna bad shape. Looks like Barf has a lot of work ta do.

Barf: Yer kiddin me. I could work on this ship my whole life and never get close to fixing it.

Maxx: That's wut shhhhhhhhe said. hee heee.

Evelina: Well I heard that this ship had an automated repair system. Can't we use that?

Honey: Well we could, but we would have ta activate the ram scoop and scoop up the smaller asteroids ta use as raw materials. Its the main feature of the ship and all.

Jaxx: Huh?

Evelina: Jaxx tell Maxx to prep the ram scoop for emergency repairs. We need to find an asteroid belt.

Jaxx: Uh Maxx do wut she said.

Maxx: Apprroooooooooooved.

Suddenly the ship began to change directions as the ram scoop slowly forced itself open and rocked the ship. Everyone had to hold on to keep from falling.

Evelina: Now wut?

Honey: Now we need to make our way to the engine rooms to control wut gets fixed first. Right Gray?

Tag (From here we supervise the repairs, but we can't fix them all in a short time. It will take a week to repair one power plant as well as the damaged hulls. We can fill the time working and goofing off on our down time.)

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