Can we go home?

Gray turned to the Others on the bridge. He started to walk to an engineering station his head dropped. "I guess now Lieutenant Drifter," he said dusting off a seat sounding almost tired. Drifter looked at the displays he twitched some. "Fang this is a mess... I know Gray" he said looking they pushed a button that broke. "Dam Fang be careful," As Gray looked over the screen. " Tell them Gray, ya ya hold on," he said looking at another display.

" OK, first we have only two out of four power plants one of them we can not fix, well not without killing all of us. one we can fix if we can make the parts. Right now we are running on one power plant We can try to get the other online but not sure what will happen. We have more red lights than a Christmas tree on this panel. But we can get it up from engineering. We need it up to maneuver the ship with any real speed and get it going." he said.

"I guess Master chief Jaxx is in charge of Security. I just realized my training that was supposed to be in my stasis sleep was stuck on the first three years of my training. So now I know what's on the screen but know nothing on how to fix it all." He got up from the seat.

Suddenly First Console Officer Honey Rider appeared where the Light Bug was as it hovered inside her.
Honey: Hello, hello, hello chaps what's going on?

"Rider, let's just say you have been asleep forever. you tell me how what to do and I can do it. we are on one power plant. So we can't do much. I know we are lost but if you can point us back towards earth that would be great. or towards a habitable planet that would be great." Gray asked.

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