Not Excately A Touching Reunion

Evelina: Okay Jaxx tell Maxx to bring Meadow Windard back as a hologram.

Jaxx: Okay. Maxx dude do what Evebabe said.

Maxx: Authorizatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiion appppppppppppproved.

The light Bug began to spin and hover before the light image of Meadow took form till it looked like her.

Jaxx: Knarley.

Evelina: Wow.

Barf: Cool.

Honey: Awww how sweet.

They all waited to see the touching reunion between the twin sisters.

Lark said nothing about the decor of the Captain's room. She had no idea really how any of this worked but soon enough Meadow was standing before her. She forgot for a moment her sister was a hologram and started to reach out to Meadow but quickly remembered and pulled back.

Meadow started to speak: "Well, took you..." then looked around. "Hey, Lark, Sis. Who are all these people?"

Lark shrugged. "I'm not sure who they all are." She pointed out the people she had gotten the names of. "I think that's Jaxx, Eve, Honey, there's something called Maxx. I didn't get anyone else's name. Oh, wait there are some rat people running around who apparently work for someone named Pizza The Hut."

Meadow looked even closer at everyone. "Well, you obviously all know who we are." It was said like she just expected everyone should have that information. "Who are the rest of you?"

Lark shrunk back a little but she didn't say anything.

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