Lark watched all of this a little bemused and slightly entertained. The Captain seemed like he had lost his mind. The pilot seemed ok but she wondered how other people might emerge from such a state or one person in particular.

She had pieced together that she might need Jaxx help, whatever he was. Lark never could keep those kind of things straight too many alterations to worry about it.

"Hey," she said sweetly but with a sense of urgency. "Do you think you could activate my sister?"

Really, it had never crossed her mind that she'd just might be told no and Meadow wouldn't be activated at all. Lark felt lost without her twin really having no idea what to do. After all Meadow was smarter than her and was supposed to make all the decisions. Or that's what Meadow had always told her.

Jaxx scratched his head as her question stumpted his fragile little mind. He looked at Evelina who seemed to understand the situation much better than he did.

Barf: I mean I don't see why not, but we need to find a Light Bug first.

Jaxx: A light butt? Really?

Evelina: He means that little silver egg that floats and makes the picture of the person.

Jaxx: Knarley Evebabe. Then wut?

Evelina: Well you tell Maxx to bring her sister back as a hologram.

Jaxx: I can do that?........Wicked.

Barf: Yeah but we need to find another one first. The one active right now is the emergency one for the staff and we kinda need Ms. Rider to steer the ship.

Honey: Well all things considered you can call me Honey since everyone seems to be...... uh dead right?

Honey looked dissapointed as she looked around at the white powder.

Honey: So much for my love life.

Barf: Hey do you know where they keep the spare Light Bugs?

Honey rubbed her chin as she tried to remember while the crew began to look around in all the compartments. Then by accident Jaxx opened up the Captain's room which was not far away. Inside the room was an experience as he saw a clean and proper room which fit the military standards. The others eventually followed him in to see of the Light Bugs were in the Captain's room. Then by chance again Jaxx accidently pushed a button on the headboard of the bead only to have it close the main door and the walls began to rotate to reveal secrets of the past Captain's lifestyle. The walls were now pink with S&M d├ęcor, outfits and toys on the wall. Even a big screen tv popped up with some rather perverse videos popping on. Jaxx was shocked as he dropped his jaw by the sight till Evelina spoke up.

Evelina: Maxx turn off the tele.

Maxx: Authorization nnnnnnnnot approved.

Jaxx: Turn it off lil dude.

Maxx: Aaaaaauthorization approveddddd.

Then they looked through his drawers and found women's clothing and undergarments along side a box of Light Bugs. Jaxx cringed as he took the box hoping they were still clean. Then they got Maxx to let them out of the creepy Captain's room and back on the bridge.

Barf: Well that was messed up.

Jaxx: Totally dog dude. That was non non non heinous.

Barf: Dog dude? Really?

Evelina took an Light Bug from the box and put it on the floor. then she asked Lark for her info and her sisters info so Maxx could find her sister. Maxx of course was still studdering real bad his lack of maintenance.

Evelina: Okay Jaxx tell Maxx to bring Meadow Windard back as a hologram.

Jaxx: Okay. Maxx dude do what Evebabe said.

Maxx: Authorizatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiion appppppppppppproved.

The light Bug began to spin and hover before the light image of Meadow took form till it looked like her.

Jaxx: Knarley.

Evelina: Wow.

Barf: Cool.

Honey: Awww how sweet.

They all waited to see the touching reunion between the twin sisters.


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