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Summary: A mob boss made of mutant pizza

Pizza Tha Hutt NPC

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Gender: Male

Age: over 1 million

Group: Civilians & Other


Mutant Pizza Crime Boss

Job/Skill/Physical or Mental Flaw

Mob Boss:
Skill: Has Minions Rat Pack
Physical Flaw: Moves slow and not to strong. He is living molten pizza so he is hot to touch.
Mental Flaw: He is a very big bully who make unreasonable demands.


Mob Boss of Food Court

Physical Appearance

Looks like a molten Pizza monster

Personality and Interests

Pizza is a mob boss, bully and all around jerk with a twisted sense of humor. he likes picking on others and expanding his influence.


He was created by a box of pizza that was irradiated a million years ago and evolved into a living pile of molten pizza mass. Since he lacked a strong body and speed he began to use his influence to trick other life forms of his greatness till he became a powerful crime boss.

Favourite Sayings

Ho ho ho ho ho!
You will soon learn to appreciate me.
I can’t make exceptions.

Favourite food


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Image of Pizza Tha Hutt NPC
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