The Morning After

In the year 2300 Earth was running out of resources due to wasteful humans. Granted Earth had made many advances in technology, science, recycling, however the pollution levels became irreversible for humanity. To save humanity several space worthy mining/exploration ships were created to colonize other worlds and set up transport beacons to contact each other. Six city sized ships were made for this project and they were the SS Megaprize, SS Pendragon, SS Merlin, SS Phoenix, SS Thunderbird, and the SS Paradox. This was a major undertaking by all of humanity to make new colonies and create new trade routes to save Earth before they ran out of their last resources.

The SS Paragon which had a large crew consisting of a combination of 25,000 people on positions such as officers, enlisted personnel, scientists, engineers, entertainers and civilians to populate the new colonies. The ship also carried DNA banks to help clone more people to add to the population since this was the best way to save on food, air and sleeping quarters. Sadly finding qualified personnel was hard work so many corners were cut on the ship building and crew so this led to more issues.

After leaving Earth the SS Paradox was successful in making its way on course as it passed up Mars. Using the ram scoop in the front, the crew planned to mine the asteroids for fuel while avoiding damage. So while on their slow moving trip the crew did their work. The Command crew were busy making plans to navigate the ship and maintain the ship's systems. Captain Holden Teabagg was boldly commanding his crew from his seat of power. First Console Officer Honey Rider was pushing the one or two buttons on her console as the Captain gave his commands. Honey was wondering when her shift would be over so she could flirt with the guys. She loved to tease them and get free drinks in the process. She was happy she made the decision to enter the academy instead of becoming an exotic dancer like her mom. Well sadly she didn't have much of a choice since she was a bit clumsy on a pole and a lot smarter than her mom. However this was the last time she would most likely see her friends and family since she would be in space a long time.

The Scientists were busy working on their projects behind closed doors. One group of scientists were working on making super soldiers by combining shark DNA and Space Marines. Well sadly they had many successes and many failures which resulted in the scientist getting eaten by their creations. However they were celebrating with champagne and blow up dolls since they could not afford exotic dancers. They managed to make their MACO's (Military Altered-Human Combat Operatives) They managed to create a whole platoon of fifty five MACO's. However they were still waiting on their Master Chief Jaxx who was the leader of the MACO's. Jaxx was still getting his extra training through Virtual Reality while in a cloning tank with a headset on. However unknown to the scientists his training was not quite correct since one of the scientist accidently loaded his gaming data disk instead of his military leadership program. It would be interesting to see the look on the scientist's face when he realized he messed up big time.

The Engineering crew were aiding the repair drones in keeping the Paradox space worthy. Second Technician Barf Barker was late to duty again as his superior nagged him about how important his job was. Barf of course agreed that the crew would be in dire straits if their junk food was not available or their arcades were offline. Then he waddled down the corridor to do some work only to find his dog had gotten loose and followed him again. Barf tried to lecture his dog only to a bark and nuzzle. So Barf decided to walk his dog before taking him back to his quarters. He was worried his dog might go potty on the deck again and he would have to clean it up. However on the way he found a stasis pod that was sparking so he began to work on it.

Now down by the arcades was the Mall and the shopping district. This was where most of the civilians worked to making life a bit more pleasant in deep space. Now this is where Evelina was hiding from the Modeling Syndicate. Originally designed as a genetic model, she was 'disposed' of when she started to show flaws and to have independent thoughts. As a genetic model they weren't designed with much brain. She always fell over air, feet or other objects which were avoidable. After escaping being disposed of she pretended to be an employee in the shopping district since it was a bit chaotic and some people quit at the last minute. This worked out well for Evelina as she looked like a perfect cashier and model for outfits. After Evelina's shift ended she went back to change into her normal clothes in case she could hit the bar. However an unstable shelf collapsed and she was knocked into a stasis chamber before it was activated.

As if that was not bad enough the SS Paragon ran into issues navigating through the asteroid belt which led to some damage causing a radiation leak. The AI Maxx sounded the alarms that rang loud for the few seconds as the crew panicked trying to get into a stasis chamber to survive. Since most of the crew was on duty that day, only some of the crew who made it to a stasis chamber managed to survive. However the ones who survived by chance seemed to be the least qualified life forms to carry on the mission. In less than a minute the ship was in complete silence and most of the crew was wiped out in a flash. Only a pile of powder remained where the deceased crew members were. This continued for a million years as the Maxx guided the SS Paragon straight onwards while slowly going mad from neglect.

Now among the crew there were humans who typically had some skills and intelligence. Then there were the Holograms. A Holographic version of a deceased Human including their personality. To make a dead person into a hologram, one simply downloads their personality data into the Light Bug Hologram device and turn it on. The hovering Light Bug creates a hologram form of the dead person with their recorded personality from the ship logs. They can be switched out as long as the ship's record of that person exists. However they can not eat or touch things since they are in a ghostly form. Then there were the Anthromorphs. Anthromorphs are made from human and animal lifeforms. They can be made by accident or by humans in a lab to serve a purpose. Be it an attempt at a super soldier, entertainer, love partner or accident, these are similar to humans, but carry the animal behavior as well. Examples: (Mogs or Man Dog/Wogs or Women Dogs are loyal and pack friendly. Have animal senses.) (Toms or Man Cat/Mollys or Women Cats are vain, solitary, greedy, wild and moody. Have animal senses.) (MACOs are violent lab grown man sharks and blood thirsty super soldiers. Have fish senses.) (Iggys or Man lizards/Lizzys or Women lizards are quiet, bug eyed, mentally slow, Rasta types that climb walls and can camouflaged. Have reptile senses.) (Rats are humanoid rat people around 3 to 4 feet tall and very loyal to Pizza the Hutt who brainwashed them since they evolved. They see Pizza as their god/Boss.) (Pizza Tha Hutt is an evolved pizza mound that became mutant sentient.) Then there are the droids which are robots. Droids are robots made to serve a purpose such as entertainment, servants, love partners or repairs. However due to being online for a million years of neglect they have developed issues. Lastly there is the ship's AI, which is an Artificial Intelligence life form. This is the core of the ships intelligence. However after a million years it is dire need of major repairs.


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