The Morning After 2

It was rather peculiar day for the Rat Pack. The Rat Pack consisted of Sammy Nonose who is a rat person that only 3 ft tall, Franky White who is a rat person that only 4 ft tall and Dean Spike who is a rat person that only 3 ft tall. All three rat humanoids were dressed in mob style suites with gold jewelry. They were the henchmen or minions of the Legendary Pizza the Hutt who was their God and Boss.

The rat people began as simple rats stowed away on the SS Paradox during its initial take off. However after the radiation leak which wiped out most of the crew and animals, there were some who survived. Animal Humanoids are classified as Anthromorphs. Anthromorphs are mutant humanoid animal people that either evolved, made by accident or grown in a lab. There are a lot of Rat people in the SS Paradox ship but they all work for Pizza Tha Hutt doing various jobs such as serving food, cleaning, polishing boots or working as thug/henchmen/minions. Most of the Rat people have been humbled by Pizza Tha Hutt and are both loyal and obedient to him since he is immortal in their eyes. Being a good five hundred thousand years old and watching the evolution of the Rat people had a strong effect on them as Pizza reigned over them in his Food Court Kingdom.

As the Rat Pack arrived at Pizza's hang out they began talking smack to each other.

Franky: Did someone turn up the A/C?

Franky was cold as he rubbed his white mittens together. Dean got annoyed and spoke up.

Dean: Hitmen don't wear mittens! Take'em off! You're embarrassing me!

Franky: But its cold Dean.

Dean: Arrgggh!

Sammie: Chill you two. You're wake the boss. You how he gets when you wake him up the wrong way.

Franky and Dean made a nervous expression as they looked at the meat grinder where they last saw Jerry alive.

Dean: Don't remind me. I still have nightmares about that day.

Franky: Tell me about it.

Sammie: Okay lets set up the stage for the Boss before he arrives.

Then the three Rat pack members set up a stage as other rats came in and cleaned the place up in preparations for the Boss's arrival. Then some female rat servants quietly entered Pizza's sleeping quarters which was an old decorated broom closet since it was easy for Pizza to enter and leave. Suddenly the Food Court was filled with moaning laughter as Pizza began laughing as his molten cheesy flesh burned one of his servants and sent her screaming as she ran away and jumped into a kiddy pool of water to stop the burning.

Pizza Tha Hutt then continued laughing as he slithered and oozed out like a slug from his sleeping quarters which was in deed a broom closet. However his closet was decorated with pictures of his past minions. Some pictures included him dropping his minions into the meat grinder while laughing. Pizza Tha Hutt was indeed a twisted Mob Boss who was hard on his minions. However if they wanted a somewhat good life they had no choice but to obey him, unless they get eaten by him or worse. Once Pizza oozed out to his favorite booth in the Food Court the Rat Pack began to entertain him with classic old school music as the waitresses serves him food and alcoholic drinks.

Rat Pack Song

Pizza was in a good mood as he listened to the music. He loved being the King Pin on and ruling over the rats. However he often wondered if there were more survivors he could conquer. He would love to get some other types of female servants to serve him as he tormented them. In his eyes, life was good and he was not about to give that up.

Then suddenly a rat goon scurried in and nervously handed a note to one of the Rat Pack members while the others were singing. Dean took the note in rough manner as he scowled at the rat goon. Then his eyes widened as he read the note and he slowly glanced to his boss, Pizza Tha Hutt. He was afraid to deliver that message so he saw the poor three foot tall servant who had her fur singed earlier when waking up Pizza tha Hutt not to long ago. So Dean gestured her to come over to ask her for a cheese martini to be delivered to the Boss along with the folded note that said read me. The poor servant winced as she was on the verge of tears from her burned backside through the burnt hole in her dress, which revealed her hairless pink bottom.

The nervous and injured rat female limped in pain as she delivered the drink and note to her Boss who was amused by her exposed backside. Then he saw the note and made her read it to avoid getting it covered in hot cheese. The poor female rat servant nervously read the note which said that large humanoids were spotted walking about the ship. One looked like a fish man, one looked like a dog man and another looked like a human with black rope hair. They were all headed to place called the bridge. Pizza Tha Hutt sat motionless and pondered over the contents of the note before an evil grin came across his face and he began an evil and manical laugh. Then during his evil laugh he waved his cheesy arms and smacked the female rat servant off the table. The molten cheese covered her fur as she was sent off the table an into a kiddy pool of water to cool her off by chance. She was in tears as her fur was singed off completely now along with her clothes. Her pink body ached in the cool water as she curled up in a ball.

Pizza then ordered his thugs to investigate the humans on the ship and report back to him so he could deal with them properly. The male rats scurried off in a swarm hoping to not get left behind. Then Pizza turned and smiled as he looked at the kiddy pool and slithered closer while laughing.


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