The Morning After 3

Suddenly the hatch opens and Evelina Stone wakes up from her one million year sleep. She sees clothes and boxes everywhere as she staggers out of the pod and looks around. She had no clue she had been in stasis at all since it felt like the blink of an eye.

Evelina: Oh man what a mess. I hope they don't blame me for this. Maybe I can sneak out to the bar before they notice.

Evelina then sneaks out of the store but eventually notices no one is around. This is weird since the store was very busy not to long ago. This was in deed puzzling and she wondered if maybe she missed a meeting of sorts. Figuring that she would find people in the bar she made her way down the series of corridors. It was a long walk in heels but she was used to them and liked the way she looked in them. Along the way she saw small mounds of powder in various places which seemed odd. She wondered if they were for some special event to be announced.

After an hour of walking she found the bars were empty and had the same piles of powder. This was indeed a mystery for her as she began to get scared she was alone now. Hoping to find anyone who could help she decided to make her way to the Command deck.

Meanwhile in a secure bio lab Master Chief Jaxx the MACO was in a semi stasis liquid chamber for cloning. His mind was active but his body was in stasis as he was playing video games over and over again. Suddenly he was interrupted during his Tron videogame training by the AI Maxx.

AI Maxx: Www.......wwww.....wake up sleep..slep..sleepy head.

Maxx had a stutter unlike before which sounded off.

Jaxx: Uhhh like who are you lil dude man?

AI Maxx: Iiiii.........i...i....I am your's AI Maxx.

Jaxx: Dude you sound funny.

AI Maxx: Well might be dooooooooo.....dooooooooo to my late maintenance check up.

Jaxx: Like how late is it?

AI Maxx: One milllllllllllion years. G....g...give or take a century.

Jaxx: Harsh bro. So like should I call someone?

AI Maxx: Surrrrrrre why not. (zap spark)

Then Jaxx deactivated his stasis from the game and woke up before he removed his helmet. He looked around to see he was alone. He wondered where everyone was as he climbed out of his tank. All he saw as he walked around was powder on the floor which got wet from the liquid dripping off him from the tank he was in. As he passed by a mirror he saw himself and was impressed by his appearance. Judging by his height he was around 6' 9". He looked like a 26 year old muscular man with tanned skin, shark fins, webbed fingers, webbed toes, shark gills, light blue eyes, light blue hair and human teeth. He also noticed he was only wearing a black speedo.

Seeing as he felt a bit under dressed he began to look around for something that would fit. The lab coats were way to small but he did find a few lockers and the personal effect of the scientists who were missing. By chance he found a red Hawaiian shirt with gold designs on it that fit him so he put it on and looked in the mirror again and smiled.

Jaxx: Looking chill bro.

Jaxx then looked around and found a MACO watch with com system on it to contact Maxx on it.

Jaxx: Yo Maxy dude. Where are the egg heads at?

AI Maxx: The are dead Jaxx.

Jaxx: All of them? Harsh bro.

AI: Oh.....oh.....ohhhhh wait I found one co..coooooming to the Command deck.

Jaxx: Like cool bro. Can you like totally show me the way bro? I haven't been outta tha lab yet and stuff.

Then AI Maxx led Jaxx out of the lab and sort of to the Command Deck. Well after getting confused a few times of course since both of them are missing a cards in their deck. Poor Jaxx was enjoying being out of the lab but it was a bit weird not seeing anyone. It was then that AI Maxx explained to Jaxx that the piles of powder were the remains of the crew after a million years in stasis. Having a low IQ and laid back personality, Jaxx took it in stride. Eventually they arrived outside the Command Deck.

Elsewhere a stasis chamber opened and Barf barker rolled out in a state of confusion. His mind was fuzzy as he looked around and tried to recall his last steps. Then he looked for his dog and saw he was gone. He wondered if he wandered off again to go potty somewhere he should not. Barf then stretched his big body and picked up his tool belt before he looked around and saw no one around. He was glad he was not caught napping on the job again in the arcade. Then he noticed the arcade looked old and worn down. Almost like they were neglected for a hundred years. He didn't recall them being in that bad of shape since he had been servicing them. So he decided to look around and eventually found a few repair drones in bad shape so he took it upon himself to fix them as best as he could. Then he decided to look around and found a lot of neglect and damage on the ship. It made him feel nervous as it was quiet and no one was yelling at him. Eventually he contacted AI Maxx from a console and was told to make his way to the Command deck for an explanation.

As the three survivors made their way to the Command Deck they had not idea they would meet for the first time or who else survived the radiation leak.


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