Million year catnap

Sora stretched and twisted as the statis hatch opened on her pod. Rolling she let a bit of a fuss as the colder air of the room hit her. In her dream she was sitting by a warm fire with a book and a hot drink, covered with a mink blanket. It was soft and warm. She rolled and tried to pull the blanket up to block out the light.

“C… C… Come on Sora. T. T.. Time t. T.. t… to wake up,” Maxx said through the speaker in her pod.

The speaker near her pod and her hearing made the volume sound like someone had turned it to eleven.

“Five minute more Maxx,” she said trying to pull the hatch down.
Her tone showed the distance she had for being woken.

Maxx played his best cards.
“Two of the missing boxes of movies were found along with three containers of books,” the AI said making her open her eyes and step out.

She looked down at the frumpy work clothes that she had been given at the start of the trip and sighed a disgusted sound.

“Honestly Maxx,” she said with an bit of an air, “I need better clothes. These are hideous.”

With that she was off to find the important things, clothes, food, and then the missing items that Maxx had told her about.

Heading out of the pod, she noticed the piles of whitish powered in the halls.

“Maxx, could you have Barker send a maintenance droid to vacuumed by my pod,” she asked as she started her search.

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