Close Encounters Of The Weird Kind

Suddenly Maxx recalled his conversation with Sora and stopped his rant to call Bark on his comm.

Maxx: Attttttttttentttttttion Level 2 Barf Barf Barf Barf Barf Barker. Your have been req....req....requested by Sora Elgin. I am guessing that...that...that something else....else....else..... broke on this rust bucket.

Bark: Eh? Isn't she the librarian?

Maxx: Uhhhhhhhhhh....yes?

Bark: Oh so she is alive too huh? So what broke?

Maxx: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm......mmmmm....mmmmmm god question. I do not

Bark: If its not important then tell her to met me at the Bridge. We need to find who else is still alive. So any clue how many survivors you can confirm?

Maxx: Not sure...sure....sure. There seems to be a rat...rat....rat....rat problem in the court so it confuses my sensors.

Bark: Great. As soon as I catch my breath I'll meet everyone in the bridge.

Maxx: March on my fuzzy friend.

Sadly Second Technician Bark Barker was not in good shape. This was due to his poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Even after being combined with his dog and gaining his dog's abilities, he was barely improved. Now he found himself chasing his tail for no reason as he was heading for the bridge. It was a long walk till he got lucky and found a lift that worked.

Meanwhile Evelina Stone was just arriving at the bridge when she saw a rather tall muscular man with spikey blue hair. he was wearing a red Hawaiian shirt with gold decor on it and a black speedo. He looked like a large lifeguard as he was starring at a door. She approached him and spoke up hoping he could help her out.

Evelina: Umm hello?

Jaxx was so focused on the door that he was startled by Evelina's voice as he jumped a bit in shock.

Jaxx: Whoa there! .......(confused pause).......Like ummm what's up babe?

Evelina found the big guy to be cute and well within her strike range. So she popped her chest out and gave her charming smile in hopes to get his attention.

Evelina: Hey there big guy. I'm Evelina Stone. I work in the mall. Would you by chance know where everyone is?

Jaxx was blushing red as he was totally into Evelina. She was the most beautiful female he had ever seen, then again she was the first one he had seen that was not a videogame or a voice in his head during his creation.

Jaxx: Knarley......So like Evebabe huh? I'm Jaxx. Ummmm.....

Then he remembered her question and looked around before he spoke up.

Jaxx: the AI dude named Maxx totally told me everyone died and stuff. Something about a radio station leak. I don't really get it, but like Maxx-dude said we were sleeping like a million years.

Evelina: What? Really?

Jaxx: I know its trippy right?

Evelina: So we had a radiation leak and most of the crew died? Wow that is totally messed up.

Jaxx: Like did you loose someone close?

Evelina: Oh no. I was due for a raise.

Jaxx: Oh harsh. So like what now?

Evelina: Umm.... Well since you are here I am not alone anymore. I am glad about that part. Do you think there is anyone else who survived?

Jaxx: Like Maxx Dude said there was, but he couldn't fork out the details since he had brain damage.

Evelina: Oh my will he okay?

Jaxx: Totally. I used to be a super soldier, but all that radio station.....

Evelina: Radiation.

Jaxx: Oh yeah....all that radiation half lobotomized I'm just stupid, and I turned out fine right?

Evelina smirked at Jaxx as she found him adorable and sexy.

Evelina: Oh of course Jaxx. So what were you doing before I found you?

Jaxx pointed at the door and sighed as he spoke up.

Jaxx: Like I am trying ta member stuff. I like forgot how to open the security lock on tha door and stuff.

Evelina looked at the panel and saw a hand print symbol on the touch pad. So she put her hand on the pad and it gave off a loud sound to deny her as the voice came on to speak to her.

Female Voice Box: Access denied.

Evelina: Crap. I am not on the system to open it.

Then Evelina looked at Jaxx who was looking puzzled then asked for his hand.

Evelina: Hey Jaxx can I borrow your big strong hand?

Jaxx blushed as he offered Evelina his hand. Evelina held his hand gently and put the palm of his hand on the screen as it read his palm.

Female Voice Box: Access granted. Welcome Master Chief Jaxx.

The the door to the bridge opened to reveal several piles of white powder on the floor and no one alive.

Evelina: Oh wow. So the whole crew is really gone huh?

Jaxx: Like totally harsh Evebabe. So like who is in charge then?

Evelina looked at Jaxx with some concern as she pointed at him.

Evelina: Well you were able to open the door, so I guess you are.

Jaxx looked at Evelina with great concern before he spoke up.

Jaxx: That is totally non-heinous.

Evelina: Try talking to the AI.

Jaxx: Good idea Evebabe. Like Maxx dude wut up bro?

Maxx popped up on the screen looking glitchy and speaking with a stutter.

Maxx: Greeeeeeeeeeetings Masssssssssster Chief Jaxxxxxxxxx............and guest.

Jaxx: Oh like this is Evebabe. She works in tha mall and stuff. Can you totally help us?

Maxx: Of courrrrrrrrrrrse. How can IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiii help you?

Jaxx: Wut were we doing again Evebabe?

Evelina: We are looking for other survivors. Can you help us find who is also on the ship?

Jaxx: yeah wut she said.

Maxx glitched a few moments as he scanned the ship as best as he could. Occasionally a few sparks would come from the consuls.

Maxx: I found several liiiiiiiiiiiiiife forms onboard. Some are heading to the briiiiiiiidge. Several unknown arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre in the mall. Severallllllllllllllll unknown are attttttttttttt the gardens. To many to cccccccccccount and identify.

Evelina: Can you identify the ones coming here?

Maxx: Scannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning. I ammmmmmm picking upppppppp Second Technician Barf Barker, Mmmmmmmmidshipman Graay Drifter, Civvvvvvvilians Sora Elgin and lark Windward. I am alssssssssssssoooo detecting an Elvis droid in the Officer's Quarters.

Evelina: So how long till they arrive?

Suddenly several people came through the open door.

Maxx: Theeeeeeeyyyyyyy are here. Yeaaaaaaaaaah... Who wants cake and pie?

Tag Now several others are on the bride and see Jaxx and Evelina Stone with the AI Maxx.

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