Sora walked onto the bridge in a simple black dress over a jumpsuit. A double loops of pearls and a couple rings on her fingers. He pet kept grabbing at his collar as she had put it on a bit snug to keep him from running away.

“Hello, my lovelies,” she said looking impressed at the place. She did not know what anything did but she found a seat that was not the center one. Avoiding the little piles of dust, She crossed her leg, right over left letting her bare feet show.

She was now ready to hold court. She was a benevolent ruler after all. The rat boy could die in Tiffany’s after all. It was not the high fashions of Paris or Rome. But what could a rat expect.

“Barker, my dear, could you have some of the cleaning droids take care of the dreadful piles of ash?” She asked in a pleading tone. She did stay a little out of the reach of Barker. He slightly made the hair on the back of her neck raise.
“Our dear Maxx said that your droids found part of the missing library items,” She said with some delight.

“And who is this hansom couple,” she asked of Evelina and Jaxx.
She smiled at the blonds and moved her hands down to her lap after she greeted them.

Sora had been past Tiffany’s once in her life and looked in the windows. She was from Baltimore and had worked for the Library of Congress which got her the job on the ship.

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