Party crasher

Sometime later after finding a Lift that worked and a little climbing he got to the Promenade, it was a wide, multi-level commercial and service area at the center of the ship, serving as the hub for the station's civilian activities. He opened the doors there was no one around He looked he did not see any of the ship staff. A sinking feeling washed over him.

The area was a mess as Gray walked through the Promenade. The windows were broken the place looked looted whoever did this did it over time. The people responsible for this looked to be scrouging. Gray tried not to step on the trach and glass on the floor. Gray walked to the other side of the Promenade section. Gray came to a bulkhead. The pad next to it was blinking. The light in it was failing. He placed his hand on it "welcome, Midshipmn Gray Drifter accsses granted." a glitchy voice said from the panel next to it. Gary walked through and the bulkhead doors closed behind him. Gray knew the security had been activated in this area.

The doors opened into another section of the Promenade this section seemed untouched there was the familiar layer of dust on everything. Like an old tumb there were a few piles of Ash that had different colors in them. Gay had seen them here and there as he walked through the ship. Gray walked up to one of the piles of Ash looked at it closely he looked around he found a small pole nearby and moved the Ash around some. a few metal buttons and neck and wrist size ring then a metal nameplate. Gray jumped back they were people at one time.

Gray knew now he had to get to the bridge to find out what happened. Gray just hoped he was not the only one still alive on the ship. It took Gray some time to make it to the bridge. Gray had found one emergency stasis locker that had some rations in it that were still good. Gray chowed on the ration bar as he went he choked on the taste but it was something Gray had to get down. It took Gray some time to get to the bridge. AS Gray went down the corridor most of the control panels were red and showed looked. Gary looked at the bridge bulkheads the panel was green someone had unlocked the bulkheads. Gray placed his hand on the panel. The bulkhead doors opened He could hear the AI announce Gray The voice was glitchy and distorted. He walked in and eyed everyone there. Gray, could not make out their scent as Gray sniffed the stale air.

"I am midshipmen Gray Drifter, who atherised you on to the bridge? what are you doing here?" Gray inquired.

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