Well This Isn't Right

Lark’s pod opened and the young woman lay there for a moment trying to remember where she was and what was happening. Oh, that’s right. Her memory suddenly jarred her more awake and she sat up and sighed. This had been an inconvenience.

A med bot checked her out, she knew what it was but had no idea how those things worked, just they would fix you. Lark wondered how long she had been asleep or whatever what had happened to her was called. How long and why was it so quiet? The quiet was deafening/. Oh, so that’s what that means. She thought.

So, now what? Was she just supposed to wander through space on an empty ship? Was the ship even empty? With the med bot done, the 22-year-old, got out of her pod and proceeded to fall flat on her face. Well, she had been asleep a long time. She picked herself up and walked around a little bit, getting her legs back before venturing off to explore the ship.

Lark would eventually awaken her sister but she knew Meadow would want a report and she had nothing to report as of right now. The quiet was creepy, the lights which flickered occasionally only added to the whole horror movie vibe, and Lark half expected to hear her mom screaming somewhere in the background. Wasn’t there something about no one being able to hear you scream in space or something like that?

A movement, then scurrying, like rats. Oh, but not rats exactly instead these were half-rat, half-human ….damn, she couldn’t think of what they were called. Whatever? Some lab experiment gone wrong. They seemed to look at her and then whisper to each other before scurrying off.

Where was everyone? She couldn’t have been the only survivor, or more her and some rat-people couldn’t have been. She tried to remember where the bridge was but after about ten minutes of looking gave up and headed for the mall, which she could still find, of course. She needed some new clothes and other things anyway. So, she hit up one of the clothing stores and started picking out clothes and wondered if anyone would show up.

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