Rude awakening- revised

Gray inheld deeply then let it out slowly. He could hear the lid of the stasis pod open. It was dark Gray could not see anything. He could hear something roll up a glitchy Med-bot voice was saying something but could not make it out. His head started to pound with every heartbeat. With his ears had a ringing noise. He could not make out any sounds around him. The anxiety start to rise as he realized he was blind. He started to move his arms they were heavy and sore. How long had he been in stasis? His mind ran wild with scenarios.

Gray had been laying there for hours. He started to see light and was able to focus as his sight started to come back. He had recovered some with the aid of a med bot. He started to sit up. He looked around the room was lined with stasis pods. He slowly climbed out of the pod there was a layer of dust everywhere. The lights were low on energy-saving mode with some lights flickering. he looked over to the Med-bot it had seen better days. He knew had to get his uniform and check his locker he started to walk in that direction.

He had fought with the locker to get it open Gray knew by now something was not right. A sense of unease started to creep into his mind. He looked at the data device on his arm it was charged but not working well Gray tapped on it to bring up the active roster which was almost blank. He questioned if it was working right as the screen glitched. A message flashed personnel to the bridge. He got his stuff together and walked out of the recovery room.

The ship was not in the best of shapes. As he walked, he looked at what was working and not working. He walked by several lifts none were working. The data link was down as well. The ship's AI was not responding. Gray knew by now the ship was in auxiliary mode. This allowed saving resources for the survival of the crew and ship. Some of his training was coming back to him he had one more year to complete before being put into stasis. He had a rudimentary understanding of running the ship but nothing more. Gray wondered where everyone was. He had not seen anyone it was like a ghost ship. He hoped that the bridge crew could tell him what was going on.

Turning a corner here was two Rat hominoids they were only 3 to 4 feet tall walking with a box each. He could not make out the writing on the boxes. He had never seen that type of Anthromorph before. "Hay you!" he yelled in a growl. The two Rat hominoids turned around and looked at Gray then ran off. Gray turned to go down another corridor. They had vanished. "I dont have time for this" he growled.

Then a door opened further down the corridor. one of the two he saw earlier ran across the corridor into another room. His first thought was to let it go for now. Why did they run? He ran to the door the Rat-man ran into. When the door was about to open another door from where he came from opened. Another almost 4-foot rat-man ran out of crossing the Corridor into another room. The anger in him started to build. This little game continued for minutes. Gray stopped for a moment He knew he had been had. The fog of being in Stasis was starting to lift in his mind. He waited until another door opened. This time to his left. he waited a few seconds and ran right this time surprising the Rat-man as he came out of the doorway.

His predator instincts kicked in as he grabbed the Rat-man by the throat and slammed it into the wall. "I am on to your little game. who are you?" Gray growled in a low threatening tone. The Rat-man tried to pull a knife but Gray with his other hand pinned his wrist on the wall. Gray started to tighten his grip on the Rat-mans throat choking him slowly. "No brother I won't kill him." said Gray in a lighter tone. "But you should its best this way he could be a thief or part of a Mutiny KILL him." A dark and cold voice replies from Gray. "No, I need information from him." Gray said now back to the lighter tone.

Grey could hear someone coming up from behind him. A higher-pitched almost squeaky voice. "Don't kill him you will regret it." The Rat-man said in a confident voice. Gray did not even look at him. "Tell me who you are?" he growled. "We work for Pizza the Hut he is the main Boss. I am called Crust and that is pepperoni there." He said with some pride. pepperoni's eyes started to roll up as he was choking to death. Gray Looked around and Dropped him. pepperoni slid down the wall falling over choking trying to breathe. Gray kicks the knife away.

Gray looked at Crust "I don't have time to deal with you right now. Happy says you should go right now before my brother shows and kills both of you. Tell Pizza the Hut I will pay him a visit soon." said Gray kicking the one on the ground to the side. "This will be your warning," said Gray now in a cold and menacing tone. "Bother to stop that now," Guy said to himself. The crust looked at Gray confused. "Ah.. there is no one here. who are you talking to?" Curst asked. Gray took a step forward at him growling. Crust quivered some stepping back. "Never mind, I will rely on your message.

Sometime later after finding a Lift that worked and a little climbing he got to the Promenade, it was a wide, multi-level commercial and service area at the center of the ship, serving as the hub for the station's civilian activities. He opened the doors there was no one around He looked he did not see any of the ship staff. A sinking feeling washed over him.

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