Pets or dinner..

Sora wondered where the heck the bridge was till her eyes caught sight of the jewelry store. Much of the jewelry was synthetic made, diamond, emeralds, rubies. All synthetic except for a necklace of white pearls from Earth. That was to die for.

When a rat boy took it off the display, the cat in Sora let loose. After some claws and bites, some jumping off the furniture and a lot of squeals, she claimed the necklace and was holding the rat man over the mall rail threatening to drop it from to the lower lever.

But being a cat, she just couldn’t kill the poor soul. She has to play with it first. So she put it on a leash made of jewelry. Then she found two big rings for her fingers. Then actually locked the jewelry shop for the first time in forever.

One stop at a boutique on the way found a simple black dress and slid it on over her jumpsuit.

“Take me to the bridge,” she told the rat boy.

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