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Summary: Everyone needs something that they'll die for. That's the only way to live.


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Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: NPC's

Physical Appearance

Jiyn is on the taller side than the usual sort. He's lean and fit through obvious time on the road.

He has long grey hair even in his young age and tan skin with dark brown eyes.

He wears pieces of leather armor over an open typical white undershirt that remains a third open and a travelers cloak. With him he carries a main dagger and a bunch of smaller knives.

Personality and interests

Jiyn is laid back, but focused when he needs to be. He trains himself to keep getting better

He has a will that won't ever let him give up, because he doesn't believe there's anything else for him after this life.

He's an internal motivated person who can handle tough conditions by going back and remembering his goals.

He enjoys breaking bread with fellow adventurers and whoever he meets on the road, and wishes the best for people. Even if the world beats him down.


Skilled with his dagger in close combat
Knife throwing
Unarmed combat
Talking/Being nonconfreatational


Jiyn was abandoned at a young age at a religious monastery in Cambena. When he was around 7 it was ransacked and burned by bandits. He watched as monks he knew as his guardians were slaughtered and all of the religious relics were ripped from the walls and taken, along with him.

After being essentially a servant for this bandit camp, he was ultimately rescued by a band of Mercenaries called "The Wardens" who took 'legal' jobs.

After being uprooted twice he finally had a home with the Mercenaries who were a random assortment of misfits, just like Jiyn. They taught him all of the life skills he needed to know to survive on the road, along with martial skills when it got to that.

He also learned from them that killing isn't always the best option, or the option that'll get you paid the most money.

Jiyn also met who he would call the 'love of his life' in the mercenary band. Her name was Shalia, she was tall and slender with fair skin and dark black hair that juxtaposed her emerald eyes.

Perfect in every way to Jiyn, but one day she disappeared. No note or clue left behind on where she was going, besides the visions Jiyn would get of her when he tried to rest.

He would spend his next 3 years searching for her.

Reason for being in Arcadia

His visions led him to Arcadia on loose clues and hope for some luck, but mostly for work.

The visions remain but they're far and few. His hope is weaning off but he still has that dream of finding her.

For now though, he needs to keep himself alive and sane.


A red rope with two gold rungs on the knot, that he kept after the monastery was ransacked.

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Image of Jiyn
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