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Summary: : "Zinheim's love is unconditional and everlasting. You should be thankful I am sending you to him."

Malacost Spuria

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Gender: Male

Age: 41

Group: NPC's

Physical Appearance

Malacost is below average in height at 5'6", a source for some of his many insecurities. He is weathered in appearance from all his time out on the open ocean and the passage of time. In addition, he looks slightly sickly from his battles with neuroticism and inconsistent self-care. His body has several scars, most hidden from sight; a collection over the years from his time as a professional fisherman, failed "experiments", recurring self-mutilation, and less than ideal situations as a bounty hunter.

Personality and interests

Malacost is an introverted master strategist, both calculating and patient. Simultaneously, he is a psychopath in the fullest realization of the mental disorder. While he can put on a convincing show of superficial charm and social graces, at his core he is pathologically egocentric, willingly incapable of love, lacking in both shame and remorse, a perpetual liar, manipulative, sadistic, cruel, etc... Every so often, he loses himself to the impulsive desires of his neurotic thinking and feels compelled to indulge his serial killing tendencies.

He does admire one thing though with an irrational obsessive desire. He adores Zinheim, taking worship to a whole other level of crazy. He also views Margrave Otho as the avatar of Zinheim, and by association, worships the ground that man walks on. It is definitely a one-sided relationship, as Margrave uses this to purely to control Malacost. He is oblivious to this fact; however, and holds the twisted Arbiter in the highest esteem.


His practical skills come from his family's profession as deep-sea fisherman. He knows his way around the ocean and the vessels that sail upon them. He is an expert in knots, fish processing, fishing, lures, identifying the time of day, navigation, directions, and weather patterns. Skills which he carried over into the bounty hunting profession.

What he lacks in health and stature, he more than makes up for in intelligence and street smarts. He has an inventive and twisted imagination; deriving genuine pleasure from pain, if not others, than himself. He is a mathematician, a strategist, convincing liar and virtuoso of anguish.

He is highly adept at observing and reading situations and individuals; hence his survivability and longevity as a bounty hunter; not to mention serial killer.


Malacost was a frail, diminutive and meek lad with a gentle soul turned into one of the worst monsters in Helias. Born in the Kingdom of Torja, his family ran a well established deep sea fishing operation that went after sharks and whales. Past traumas caused Malacost to snap on the inside and sent him down the darkened path towards his present day psychopathy. During an "outing" with his Uncle, when Malacost was a young teenager, he returned with a sob story about how his Uncle was lost at sea. It was his first murder, and he still keeps the hook (used for sharks) that he used to rip the throat out of the man.

Malacost, due to his intelligence, did well in the fishing trade and his hobbies during his younger years. The joy he had always received by hooking a fish, watching it struggle, seeing the life leave its body, then processing it wasn't enough. He needed more to quench his growing fascination with death. He changed from pursuing Cambena and gravitated to worshiping Zinheim. During this transitional time, he also changed professions and became a "fisher" of men; a bounty hunter.

Every so often he would indulge his impulsive carnal lusts and would carefully calculate and orchestrate a number of killings. He basked in the afterglow of the process: the anticipation, the premeditation, the kill, and the getting away with it. As time went on his serial killing tendencies needed even greater conquests.

In his early thirties, is when he ended up on Margrave Otho's radar. He had wiped out an entire small village by poisoning their water supply. When a younger Margrave investigated, Malacost would have gotten off free and clear, had he not given himself up. He thought Otho was Zinheim incarnate. Instead of ending the mass murderer, Margrave decided he would be a perfect manipulated tool. Malacost thus began to get the occasionally bounty hunting job and became Othos' trump card for getting results that would require shunning every semblance of humanity. It became a mutualistic relationship; Margrave got yet someone else to do his bidding and Malacost got to be in his presence, indulge his fascination with death, without consequence.

Now that Margrave Otho has come to Arcadia, Malacost creeps in his shadow.

Reason for being in Arcadia

Malcost comes as a bounty hunter, as well as following in the steps of the Silent Flock.


An old deep-sea fisherman's hook he keeps on his person; his first murder weapon.

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Image of Malacost Spuria
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