Into the Lion's Den

Stoneshade Keep

It wasn't long before Alexis and Tarmen's presence was acknowledged. Word was quickly conveyed not only to Sir Zane but also to the Duke of the two.

Everywhere they looked they could see preparations for the coming siege. Here and there builders and engineers inspected the Keep's walls, towers and gate to identify any weaknesses or areas in need of repair. Barricades where starting to form in the courtyard where both had taken their first assessment session last year, in an attempt to create defensive obstacles strategically placed to impede the progress of any attackers that made it this far. And by the number of traps it was clear they expected the invaders to reach the Keep.

A training session was underway. A mixture of veterans and conscripts were being put through the paces, organized into a squads. Foot soldiers, archers, and other combatants to refresh their combat skills and enhance their readiness for the coming battle.

Behind them several teamsters were delivering huge wooden barrels, most likely water, which the two knew was going to be an issue in the coming war. Before they could give it anymore thought and ponder if these men truly understood the scale of the army heading there way, the towering figure of Sir Zane approached them.

He looked at both and nodded.

"Come. The Duke wishes to speak to you." the exchanged glances wondering if they should have spoken to the Knight of Salos before coming into the Keep away from prying eyes and ears.

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