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Summary: "For the Empire and Bloodstone."

Sir Eudon Zane

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Gender: Male

Age: 55

Group: NPC's

Physical Appearance

Tall, bulky, with short crop silver hair and a goatee. Barrel chested with broad shoulders and muscular arms. He has a menacing aura to his presence.

Personality and interests

Dour, strict and a man of few words, Sir Eudon Zane is not what you would call a friendly or even charismatic individual. He lives for duty and for the glory of the Salo's Empire.
He is obsessed with keeping fit and sharp and will be seen most of his spare time training his body and weapon skills.
Drinks more than he should.


Tactical and martial genius, Sir Eudon Zane, is a master of two handed weapons, a proficient rider, survivalist and a well respected tutor and leader.


Sir Eudon Zane is the ruling Lord Bloodstone Manor and Estate, to the northeast of Salos, bordering the Forsaken Lands. He is a Knight of Salos and can trace his lineage to the days of the Noctua Inquisition and the war against the magik weavers.
He achieved his fierce reputation in small but brutal skirmishes along the borders with the Kingdom of Torja and Garrah to the south.
A year after the discovery of Arcadia he was commanded by the Emperor to lead a small detachment of soldiers to the New World and deal with the native tribes near the City of Ostiarium

Reason for being in Arcadia

Although many in Salos noble courts and in Ostiarium, believe the Emperor bestowed him a great honour by assigning him to the conquest of the new lands, a few close to the Emperor know it to be a punishment for some indiscretion committed. The assignment is to be his penitence or lead to his death.


His family heirloom is the two handed sword he wears strapped to his back, named "Ravage".

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Image of Sir Eudon Zane
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