The Maverick and the Knight

Hidden Glade - Outskirts of Ostiarium
Jp with Omni and Winteroak

"The symbol in his armor gleamed with the coalescence of silvery moonlight thread, reflecting the devotion he held for his duty and his deity, Ereuhin, as Voah’s hand slowly reached to his breastplate. Sir Zane could not say he was surprised. With Greyriver and Tarmen's return he suspected Voah would not be far behind. He felt the hackles in the back of his neck rise, as if the very air whispered secrets meant only for his ears. Despite her disguise he knew her immediately and could see how her appearance had changed.

The Voah he remembered was a figure of stern authority, her features sharp and unyielding. Now, she bore the marks of her arduous journey across the Desert of Skulls. Her skin, once fair, was tanned by the relentless sun, and her eyes, which had always shone with fierce determination, now held a depth of wisdom and sorrow. Her hair, tousled and sun-bleached, framed a face that seemed both familiar and transformed.

His heart quickened at her words, and he found himself searching her face, the lines of her journey etched deeply into her skin. There was a haunting beauty to her now, a testament to her resilience. He wondered at the stories her eyes held, the suffering and change she had found in the desert's embrace.

"Voah," he replied, his voice a mixture of relief and reverence. "Where else would you find yourself but back here with the hordes at the gate?"

She stopped, and he could see the subtle changes even more clearly. The strength in her stance, the serenity in her gaze. The desert had not broken her; it had refined her, like steel tempered in fire. "What words do you bring?" With those words, a sense of resolve settled over Sir Zane. He knew that the trials ahead would be daunting and that the unwavering faith and secret that had sustained his people for centuries was about to come to and end."

Despite the old knight’s noble and formidable appearance, Voah sensed a weariness in his eyes and demeanor that spoke of the weight of his years and the heavy burden of responsibilities.

Voah steadied her nerves as she stepped closer to Sir Zane, her face softening with a hint of a relieved smile.

“Yes, Sir Eudon. Two of the Pillars have revealed themselves to me. Vastad, in the Desert of Skulls… he spoke of the war against the Odsier, how I was meant to be among your ranks. In that I failed. I have my reasons. Some may say I have made some mistakes… though, I would contend they were the best mistakes I ever made.” Her voice carried a mixture of regret and resolve, underscoring the gravity of her confession.

“Ereuhin, too, has spoken to me, not far from here. She spoke of many things, some warnings shrouded in mystery,” Voah continued, her tone growing somber.

She paused momentarily, allowing the depth of her words to resonate, “But this much of Ereuhin’s counsel was clear… Time is a luxury we no longer possess. War edges ever closer… and she has guided me to the son of Bloodstone. So, to you I come…offering my blade and knowledge to defend our people. To stand as a bulwark against magik… until the Solstice of Winter and the full moon. Whatever forces gather against us, I am prepared to face them by your side, under the vigilant gaze of Vastad and Ereuhin.”

There were other details she could have shared with him about her encounters, such as the appearance of their ancient foe, the Allosi, surviving Sentinel Island. However, she needed to believe in his trust, and such revelations would be inconsequential if they did not first withstand the war.

Her blue eyes implored him, “Without your trust and your aid, I dare not return to this city.” She reached out to touch the holy emblem of Ereuhin emblazoned upon his armor.

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