Healer of The Red Crow

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Ch’Truta sauntered off to locate the Red Crow tribe. He needed to find out if there was something to be done to help Islana to find rest at night. He figured that the healer may know of some herbs or plants that might do the job.

Upon finding the band, he asked for directions to their healer. Following the directions, Ch’Truta found the healer by her tent.

Clearing his throat, Ch’Truta introduced himself. “I am Ch’Truta of the Chulla brood of Still Valley. I am in need of and herb or herbal plant that will aid in sleep. You are familiar with this area. So, I came to you for help.”

The healer was a woman some where likely in her mid-years. She had graying, long curly. Greenish blue eyes.

"Welcome, Ch’Truta of the Chulla Brood. For sleep? Let me think." Her tent wasn't very big, and didn't have many things out but had two good sized trunks.

"Ch’Truta of the Chulla Brood." The healer paused. "Are you not also Ch’Truta of Sister Locust's advisors?"

The healer seemed curious by his answer, but the Red Crows had no ill intent towards the Sister.

Ch’Truta didn’t want to count on his connection to Islana, although he had been seeing the solution for her, not himself. He did understand that being seen with her would have a bearing upon others in the horde.

Humbly he answered the healer’s question. “Yes, I do advise her from time-to-time. She is quite wise and does not require much guidance.”

Looking at the trunks, Ch’Truta continued, “I was hoping that if you did not have anything in hand, you could guide me to something that may help. Must be alert, as I also protect Sister Locust.”

"Yes, the Sister does have the air of wisdom about her." The healer agreed.

She went to open one of the trunks but then seemed to change her mind. "I have some dried herbs that might work but I have another idea that might be better."

Her gaze met him, "There is a plant that grows here and through the Winter Pasture. I can show it to you. As you are probably aware the Red Crows will be headed south with that contingent. I will be going with them. If I show you the plant you would always have access to it.”

Ch’Truta nodded in acknowledgment of the movements of the Red Crow. “May you be protected,” Ch’Truta blessed the Red Crow. “That should suffice. It will help indeed until battle.”

The healer gave a nod, "Thank you, may we all be protected and find a fast victory." The healer paused for a moment. "Come with me."

She led Ch’Truta away from the tent and towards the lake but stopped before they arrived at the lake, then turned right. Which led them towards the river. She looked around for a moment, "Ahh...yes." bending down, pulled two different plants.

Holding up one plant, it had pointed tips at the end of the leaves. The "See, the pointed tips, and the way it is deep green." Showing the man. "This is the one you want."

Then the woman held up the other one, "This one looks similar but the leaves are rounded and the color is lighter. You do not want this one. "

"Now," she began. "The leaves can be made into a tea, fresh or dried. These are to be harvested now, before the winter hits but when they are no longer flowering. So, pick as much as you need.”

Ch’Truta paid attention to all the details the woman spoke to him. He wanted to ensure that he followed her instructions without fault.

“The tea sounds like a good method to me,” he suggested. “What would happen if I pick the wrong plant?”

"The other plant has the opposite effect. Used for those that need to stay awake. I should caution both should be used sparingly. They can be rather potent." The healer explained.

“I understand,” Ch’Truta assured the healer. “I shall be careful and use care in the amount in which I partake.”

Ch’Truta gathered enough of the plant to last for a week. He hoped it would quickly dry. Hopefully, he could make Islana some tea to night.

“Against, thank you for your kindness,” Ch’Truta replied. “If this were the swamp, I could lead you to plants that would help, but I know nothing of this land. I appreciate your kindness.”

"You are welcome. I hope the plant brings about rest." The healer didn't say rest for Ch’Truta, leaving it in the air if she suspected it might be for someone else.

Once he had gathered enough plants, they returned to the healers tent. Before she left him, "A little honey or some berry juice in the tea makes it far easier to go down." A pause. "Please let the Sster know I wish her well." It was said genuinely. "Good luck to you Ch’Truta of the Chulla Brood." With that she went into her tent.

Ch’Truta bowed in deep respect for the healer. When she had gone into her tent, he departed. He had to prepare himself for the dinner. He wondered if the other advisors were still concerned about Islana’s lack of rest. Soon, he would be able to aide her and provide the rest she needed.

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