The Glade

Outskirts of Ostiarium

As the large clouds had finally passed over and the late morning sun cast its bright beams across the outskirts of Ostiarium, Voah and Sir Zane followed separate misty threads of light. It was an unusual omen seen only by the two of them, leading them towards a secluded glade near the edge of the city. This shimmering trail seemed out of place under Kupen's dominion, yet it guided them unmistakably to the same destination. The moon, in its third quarter was just barely visible above the eastern horizon.

Sir Zane, already present and seemingly waiting for another sign, stood under the sprawling sienna canopy of an ancient oak in autumn. The sun filtered through the leaves, dappling his sturdy form with patches of light and shadow. Clad in his normal armor, which was seemingly polished very recently, he was a sight to behold amidst the tranquility of the secluded spot.

Voah, her steps muted by the thick grass, paused at the edge of the clearing, her presence yet unnoticed. She observed Sir Zane for a moment, noting the subtle tension in his posture. She knew the poise born of constant vigilance.

This was it. She took a deep breath and stepped forward, the brush of leaves and tall grass announced her arrival. Sir Zane turned sharply, his hand instinctively moving towards Ravage, the sword strapped to his back, then slightly relaxing as his eyes met that of a young man holding his hands up in surrender... Those eyes were familiar, but there was something not quite right about him. The recognition came quickly.

The glade of broadleaf deciduous trees and old stones, seemed to hold its breath in that moment, the only sounds the distant murmur of the town and the rustle of leaves in the gentle breeze.

Breaking the silence, Voah's voice carried softly with an undercurrent of confidence, "A message... from the Moon Mother." She approached slowly with one hand forward now, reaching for the symbol upon his breastplate.

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