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Summary: "I am the painful truth behind the beautiful lie..."

Margrave Otho

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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: NPC's

Physical Appearance

Tall and athletic, with a shaved head. He suffers from oculocutaneous, better known as albinism which in his case shows in a reduction of melanin pigment in his skin and make his eyes red. He has three lines tattooed over his mouth, in homage to Zinheim, Vastad and Cambena. A golden arch, the symbol of the Noctua Inquisition is tattooed in his chest.

Personality and interests

Margrave Otho is a quiet and morose individual. His passion only come to the surface when he is debating theology and heresy or when is is taking the life of heretics and unbelievers. He is single-minded obstinate in the pursue of the Inquisitions' goals and maintaining order, discipline and focus in the ranks.


Margrave Otho is a master theologian, diplomat and strategist. He is a keen student of history especially that pertaining to the Inquisition. Most of the Inquisition newer forms of strategies and torture were developed by him.


Margrave was born in the outskirts of the Shrine-City of Zinheim in Mizar. His pale skin and red eyes were seen as a gift from the Lord of the Underworld himself. When word spread about his birth the Inquisition came calling for the child. He grew under the influence of the Inquisition and the Pillars and took to his teachings like a natural. Understanding of the gods and their principles came easily to the young child who often debated brothers and sisters much older than himself on the finer points of religion.

His rise up the ranks was nothing short of miraculous. Not only because of his faith and drive but because Margarve Otho suffers no competition.
He dedicated his teen years to the triumvirate of Death, Battle and Storm and was expected at one point to become the youngest Mortal Shadow of Zin and an Arbiter. However the council of Elders saw the potential in the young man and assigned him the title of 'Purger', to ensure that weakness was expunged from the Holy Office of the Inquisition. A titled not held by anyone for more than 40 years.

He also founded the 'Flock of Silence', a zealot military order, followers of the ways Vastad. All sworn to silence until the lands are free of magik and heathens.

Reason for being in Arcadia

The Office of the Inquisition have ordered 'The Purger' into Arcadia with his men to assist the Empire of Salos under the Noctua accords. He is to to spread the word of the Pillars by any means necessary.


A pendant of white stone engraved with the symbol of the legendary Saint Iker Pahadron

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Image of Margrave Otho
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