Bad to worse

Dias damnadh, what now?

Alexis looked around, looking for any way to get a look outside, to see what the ifrinn was going on.

But of course there was no usable window to be had.
Apparently the leaders of Ostiarium liked to tuck themselves away somewhere where they didn’t get to look at what was happening around them. She would have been more inclined to ponder the philosophical implications of that thought if those horns weren’t most likely spilling some sort of doom. Not that she wasn’t quite acquainted to that feeling at this point.

Alexis turned on her heels and moved towards the doors leading into the grandiose hall.

Maybe she could catch a glimpse of the latest catastrophe on the horizon before the high and mighty sought to continue their pointless interrogation. Honestly, they would have been better off just staying clear of Ostiarium. Tarmen had been quite right. Hopes for any kind of support to help Gonyaul had been minuscule to begin with.

But she supposed they had to at least try… with how the fight with the Alossi went, there wasn’t much hope for them to stand a chance on their own.

… and maybe she would have returned anyway, for those tattered remains of a connection to the people of Helias still alive within her, to fight with them in what would likely be their last stand.

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