A Story With No End in Sight?

Sentinel Island - Haven

"What about you, young Vaux?" she asked. "What brought you to these shores and how many more of your people are here? Does the War still rages in Helias?"

Gonyaul'vaux took a deep breath in and then out upon hearing the immediate follow up questions from the old woman. He was already tired and round one of the interrogation only depleted what reserves of energy he was hiding away. It dawned on him they were not going to allow a reprieve for him to ask questions in return. They wanted more, as if all that information was just insignificant pebbles trod upon by sandaled feet.

He looked them both in the eye calmly. Gonyaul apparently never learned the appropriate social norms for a prisoner undergoing compulsory investigation. Strangely enough, Gonyaul looked as free as a bird in its element soaring in an expansive sky, despite his captive situation. It was a testimony of his stamina that he was about to continue. It was a marvel that in spite of everything that they had done, mostly neglect, he had a cheerful and pleasant attitude.

Gonyaul continued in Vauxian with the dance-like hand gestures. He regaled them in masterful storytelling fashion his smaller adventures moving about the continent of Helias. The odd jobs, the serendipitous connections, the interesting people he was able to assist, small victories, numerous failures and setbacks, and his response to the culture shock outside of his tribe's upbringing were laid out before them to feast upon. Their willingness to allow him to go into such great detail encouraged him to continue in the mode.

He eventually landed on his last job in Helias and how through his farming ingenuity it created the opportunity for him to be brought over the seas to Arcadia. Everything he spoke of seemed genuine. It was either the honest truth flowing from real life experience, or the young Vaux was the most masterful liar imaginable weaving unprecedented amounts of detail that connected seamlessly to make sense and did not contradict itself; not even once. He ended the answer to her question by explaining what he was doing as a farmhand upon arrival in Arcadia; before everything changed unexpectedly. The two ladies now knew way more about the use of fungi in farming than they would have ever hoped to inquire about.

In regards to his people Gonyaul went on to literally introduce his captors to each and every person that he grew up with in the Kru'll jungle. They received a thorough profile persona of the entire community. It was actually remarkable he knew so much about each one of their lives. It bore witness to how close he was to them, how keen his intellect truly was, and to how much he must have paid attention to things growing up. Once again, the two ladies seemed to allow the long verbal show-and-tell. If they were keeping count it was somewhere under 100 people. Gonyaul made sure to explain how there were probably more by now, but he just had never met them, since he had been away for a certain amount of years.

In regards to the question on war Gonyaul was rather short, which was probably unexpected. "I don't know of any war raging in Helias?" He seemed sincere when he said it. And it would match with all the other things he shared. Not once did he mention anything that would have alluded to battle or war; neither being apart of it, avoiding it, or observing it. "Quarreling I saw often though. It seems there are many people that are envious of what others have and from within comes all manner of deplorable words and actions to take it from them. No ... I saw no raging war like the one that is about to befall Ostarium on the coast of Arcadia. But that doesn't mean war didn't exist. Just because I have eyes, doesn't mean I see everything.

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