Unrest and Wariness

Ch’Truta heard Silina’s words. She swore loyalty to the cause, not necessarily loyalty to Sister Locust. Ch’Truta grew wary of Silina, his loyalty and growing love for Islana heightening the sense of being her security. The loyalty was from the spirits’ leading; the love, Ch’Truta could not explain. It had been a long time since he had felt this way.

Later, within his weathered shelter, Ch’Truta readied his spear, coating the tip with the poison he had collected along the way. If Silina were to raise a hand toward Islana, Ch’Truta would quickly raise his with a spear in it. He devoted himself by being as near to Sister Locust’s side as possible, fearing for the division he was beginning to sense. If the time came, he would be ready.

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