From the Tomb to the Slaughter

Tarmen once again felt like a pig being led to slaughter, unable to change course no matter how it pulled at the rope around it's neck. If they had been anywhere else, he might have found it worthwhile to taunt Alexis with being right; coming here was a mistake. In this stone tomb however, there was no place for such division between them.
Even as they turned to the horns, he could feel the unwavering glare of the monster behind him. The unnerving feeling it brought had evolved now, Tarmen realizing it was making him quite paranoid. Mixing that into the mess they were in, it was only his current sense of defeat that kept him from finding a way to flee. That still didn’t stop a concerned glance to Alexis, communicating the idea of escape while surrounded by their greatest obstacles at the moment.

While no window was available, he had seen enough on their way to the Keep to understand what the duke meant in his words. War was here and they had been preparing. His knowledge of Islana was disheartening, but expected. He truly had no hope that they had any information over the Duke besides the presence of the Allosi. Tarmen wasn’t sure he would want to give that up anyhow. Instead it made him wary, unsure of how secure the duke felt in his control over Tarmen and Alexis. Did he know they had Voah and were helping her? What better punishment for them then, to send them to the front lines. He followed Alexis into the hall, unwilling to give any chance of separation.

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