The Warning

Ch’Truta stood outside of Sister Locust’s tent. He was committed to being her news, swearing to be her eyes and ears amongst those within the camp.

He hesitated, not because he feared to bring this news, but because of the self-revelation he made today at the butterfly tree. He was not at peace with that revelation. He was nearly twice Islana’s age. She was the chosen one to lead this horde to the great coming battle. He was not worthy of her love. Yet he loved her.

She must know of the possible challenge to her authority. He would kill for Islana…Sister Locust. If she so orders Ch’Truta, Silina will not present a threat.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Ch’Truta entered entered the tent. “Chosen One…Sister Locust,” Ch’Truta boldly spoke, “There is one who may be a threat to your leadership.”

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