West is the Best

In the distant, obscure reaches of Arcadia, a land long forgotten by time, stirred with an ominous and ancient power. Few dared to venture into this desolate expanse passed the Still Valley and the Black Pinnacles, where history had been buried beneath layers of dust and decay. Known as the Land of Thorns, it was a place where legends whispered of forbidden knowledge and the darkest of secrets.

At the heart of this forsaken realm , legend had it lay a massive citadel, its twisted spires clawing at the heavens. Shadows danced across its crumbling walls, where the ominous energy of the land seemed to coalesce. It was said that this citadel was the resting place of a power older than the sun and moon, a force that could unmake reality itself.

Odsier shoulderwomen and Odonine Bonecasters both claimed the land seemed to wither and decay for miles and miles around the structure. Trees stood twisted and dead, and the skies above were perpetually shrouded in a gloomy, ashen mist.

In the halls of the ancient library of Gra'akast old tomes spoke that within the citadel, one would encounter nightmarish creatures, twisted remnants of life consumed by the ancient power and at its heart, a power that had been dormant for millennia awaited. None remembered it's name, but several races and cultures described it as a swirling, malevolent storm of darkness, an entity of pure chaos and destruction.

A menacing and ancient power that fed on terror and slaughter. One that woke and rose from its slumber throughout the aeons giving birth to forgotten legends and whispered horrors, shrouded in darkness and fear.

The inhabitants of Arcadia had long ago avoided the western lands, fearing the malevolent force said to reside there. An ancient and foreboding legend spoke of an impending apocalypse known as the "Eclipse of Eternity." This apocalyptic prophecy was etched into most cultures in one shape or another.

The legend foretold of a time when the celestial alignment of the three stars would converge in a rare celestial event, casting a shadow upon the world that would herald the end of days. This celestial event, known as the "Convergence of the Three Sisters," had only occurred once every ten thousand years, and when it did, it was said to awaken a dormant, world-ending power. The power at the heart of the Land of Thorns...

As the 'Convergence of the Three Sisters' approached, omens and signs began to manifest across Arcadia. Unnatural storms raged, eclipses darkened the skies, men from across the seas arrived in long boats carrying weapons of steel in their hands and conquest in their heart. New gods and old ones stalked the land, the races raised their banners and went to war. Monsters stirred in the pinnacle of mountains and at the bottom of the sea. Chained goddesses raged against their bounds and Men as always conspired to bring about the End of Days...

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