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Summary: To survive is sometimes all you can do

Islana Annora

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Gender: Female

Age: 19

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Physical Appearance

What stands out, to most people, first is Islana's beautiful long auburn hair. Which match perfectly with her green eyes that sometimes but not always seem to have flecks of other colors in them.
She falls more on the petite size at 5'3" with a build that's slender but athletic. Its her presence more than her physical build that makes it seem like she can hold her own.

Personality and interests

Islana wasn't born with an old soul but circumstances have aged her beyond her years. She learned much of what she knows by teaching herself.

She's tough but there is a softer side to her which is normally reserved for animals and children and she has no quams taking down someone who hurts either without reason. With animals food, safety are good reasons. However she makes sure to thank the animal, a ritual started when she was a child.

While her loyalty has to be earned, because she doesn't trust most people, once it is she can be fiercely loyal.

She enjoys pubs, drinking and music. Activately stays away from anything too fancy. She likes to gamble but only when she has the money to spare which isn't often. She has a nice singing voice but pretty much has to be drunk for anyone to hear it the first time. Once she's sang for someone once its easier to get her to sing again (the songs she knows are, mostly, typical pub fare)


Archery - exceptionally good at bow and arrow as it comes natural to her
Survival - She can survive in the woods. Make a fire, basic fishing. Able to not get lost in the woods, even with out a compass
Basic Medical (first aid)
Athletics - she is exceptionally good at climbing (especially trees)
Affinity with animals - animals are drawn to her. She can get them to eat out of her hands at times, things like that. While she knows she can do this she isn't sure why. However she doesn't use it for hunting as she feels its an unfair advantage which takes the sport out of it.


Islana's mom died in childbirth with her. Leaving behind Islana's father, her older sister and older brother. For the first few years things at home weren't terrible but not great.
Her family had little money. They survived on what her father and brother could hunt and what her sister and, when she got old enough to help, herself could forage. They had a goat for milk but that was their only animal.

Her father's drinking had slowly gotten away from him but he wasn't a mean drunk. Her older siblings took over when her father was too drunk to. One day, her father and brother had been out hunting and her father came back drunk and alone
By the time they found her brother it was too late he had died in a hunting accident.
Islana's father started not doing anything. She and her sister figured out how to use the bow and arrow. While her sister was decent at them, Islana was a natural and she was usually the one to go out hunting.
One day she came home to find her sister gone and her father talking to a man. The man, who was dressed in very expensive looking clothing, looked very out of place in their run down home. He introduced himself as Lord Vasant. Islana was told that this man had bought her to be his servant. She was also told her sister had been sold off to be wed.
Islana cries went unacknowledged. Soon enough she was sent off to live with Lord Vasant.
She soon learned that Lord Vasant was demanding and could be outright cruel. She also learned there was a Lady Vasant who was much nicer but constantly ill. Islana tried to be around Lady Vasant more but Lord Vasant was constantly demanding her services. When she turned sixteen she learned that Lord Vasant had his eye on keeping her as his bride when she came of age and his wife passed.
When Lady Vasant seemed near the end, Islana ran away. It didn't take long for Lord Vasant to send out patrols looking for her. Islana ran into the woods and mostly stayed traveling in the woods over the past few years.
The patrols never found her but over time when she would occasionally go into towns she'd hear they were still looking for her.

Reason for being in Arcadia

Looking for a place where Lord Vasant might not look for her.
Looking to possibly earn some money.
Possible new adventures.


A little possibly silver bird on a chain - it had been her mothers.

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Image of Islana Annora
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