Festival day

Alexis awoke early, just as she would on a day not dedicated to Hoi.
At this point she wondered if she could sleep in if she wanted to.
Which, to be honest, she did not.

Stretching, she looked around a very different Ostiarium. Most people were still blissfully asleep, though she could already see merchants setting themselves up for what would, without a doubt, be a hay day for them. So getting a breakfast wasn’t that hard.

Alexis decided to see wether the keep was just as eerily quiet as the settlement.
She found it not completely unguarded, which would have been downright stupid, but decidedly less busy then on normal days.

The unfortunate guards who had most likely lost some kind of bet to be assigned today didn’t do much more than raise an eyebrow at her visit. The new recruits were known well enough to the established ones by now.
She chatted a bit with them and apparently while they had to stay on guard no one cared if they indulged a bit today, so they had equipped themselves with some spirits to honor Hoi that way while they waited to be relieved.
Seemed like a sound compromise.

Alexis decided to return to the food vendor and get them some snacks to go with the alcohol and they shared their drinks in return.
After some pleasant chitchat she made her way up the defensive wall and took her time gazing at the Arcadian wilds beyond.

What would await them in this land? Would they thrive? Would they wither?
Would they adjust or would they try to force the land to adjust to them?

Her mind wandered to their very own Sir Eudon Zane. Coming from Garrah and being a merc, that was a name she did know, even if she was lucky enough not to have ever faced him on the battlefield directly. She would probably not be standing here if she did.
Man had got quite the reputation.
Certainly the right man in the right place if -or was it ‘when’?- Ostiarium dug up the hatchet with the natives.
One could wonder, however, wether his presence made that outcome inevitable.

Alexis shook her head. She knew very well that conflict lay in humans’ nature. That was, after all, what kept mercenaries paid.

Sighing, Alexis decided to do at least a little training session before she joined the rowdy crowd, maybe take up Jiyn on his offer to share some drinks.
Yeah, yeah, she was a stuck up bitch. Deal with it.

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