The Market

JP with Winteroak and Cindy

The tasks to be done inside the room would take little time and Islana tended to those first, once Shalia left. It wasn't as if there was much to clean and the dark haired woman had little in the way of clothing to take care of. Islana, of course, did as asked.

It was then on to the next task and one that would actually grant her access to someplace other than the inside of the room. Islana had been surprised when she was handed the bags of gold nuggets and jewels with which to do the buying.

Maybe, it was a gesture to allow the redhead out of the room to buy provisions and the wine but the bags given to her, instead of the guard, made it seem more like a test. She had no plans in messing up, either way. Buying what was requested, and needed. Fortunately, trying to get herself a waterskin was going to be allowed.

As per Shaila's instructions, Islana remembered to cover her now rebraided hair before venturing outside, then went to the door and, as expected, the guard was waiting for her. He was one of the older guards, the redhead had been told the man could act as an interpreter in the marketplace. With Alcuin still probably out there, Islana was glad for both the guard and the head covering. She wondered if talk of her being a witch had made it through the guards, yet.

Islana bowed to the guard, as was the way slaves greeted everyone. Then the two headed towards the market.

The market was abuzz with activity as it was when you arrived yesterday. The sounds of peddlers selling their wares were unmistakable despite you not understanding the language.

The smells and colours around you are unlike anything you have ever seen or heard. Men dressed in flowing robes of white and yellow with intricate patterns, and scarves tied around their necks in a fashion you have never seen before. Women walk around carrying fresh produce in wicket basques, with silken veils covering their faces.

Everywhere you go people stop and look at Islana and her flaming redhair. The Odonine guards walks behind her with his hands on the hilts of his short swords.

The smell of fruit, spices and baked goods intermingled in an amazing aroma. Making the young woman glad she has taken to eating again or it might have been too overwhelming.

There were colors abound. The white and yellow of the men's outfits. The colors of the women's clothing and veils. The tan of the baskets, which beautifully showcased the assortment of fruit in various hues.

Then there were the sounds, the call of the peddlers. The people taking and bustling about.

It was quite like nothing Islana had experienced before. It was fascinating and beautiful really.

As fascinating as all this was, the people seemed just as interested in her. Even with the scarf on her head, it was an impossible task for the young woman to not stand out. Between her red hair, emerald eyes and fair skin it was pretty much a given she'd stand out anywhere.

Islana went to a few booths to see the different wares, unable contain the need to look, just a little before the buying would begin.

The provisions were mostly on Islana to decide but Shalia had requested a few things. One being two headscarfs, one for the dark haired woman and one for Islana. That might take a while to decide on but Islana understood Shalia's needed to be the more elaborate one and Islana's should be simpler but match.

Fresh fruit was another but that would be, likely, the last or near last thing bought today.

Islana came across the scarfs first, it made sense to just get them then. She found a beautiful green and white silken scarf, with lines of sliver running through it and then a simpler green and white one. The colors seemed to effortlessly blend together. Perfect

Ostiarium has taught Islana the value of haggling. In a market place there was always haggling to be done.

Turning to speak to the guard but careful not to look him in the eyes, the man's hand on the hilt of his sword caught her eye.

"How much?"

Pointing towards the scarfs.

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