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JP with Jaxx and Winteroak

Hunter traveled for two days always eastwardly. His life had been turn upside down. What he always felt would happen if you let people in. Life was easier when you were just a tool. His master pointed and he would kill. No drama, no pitfalls, no concerns.

On foot, still covered in mud and armed with just a knife and a few dry provisions he is not sure how long you can survive in the middle of a war. Even with his abilities. If anything jis time in Arcadia showed him that maybe he is far from being the warrior he imagined himself to be.

Late that evening he sees a circular opening in the high grass of this part of the Plains.

As he approached he sees that it contains a massive deer, its tanned flesh giantly hung from a structure made from wood. It looks like some sort of ceremonial space for hunters. Scattered nearby the entrance you find carved pieces of tanned hide and animal bones, laid out as if in patterns near the hanging carcass. These seem to be prayers to some kind of nature god.

Hunter exams the area and looks to see if anyone is around. He prefers to be cordial with whoever lives here but he is not in the mood for betrayal again. So he decided to alter his name to avoid being suspicions. As he pondered the new names he could go by he decided he should pick a name that his allies would know and one his enemies won't know. Since he needed a simple name that would work he decided to go by Jiyn for now. So he continued to see who he could talk to in case they were dangerous.

Seeing as he is now alone Hunter then kneels down and begins to pray to Cambena the Goddess of Seas and Storms even thought he is on the land. He says, "Oh Cambena I am still new to having faith in the gods but I am no longer in a position where I pretend to believe. I humbly ask for your aid in my solitude. Despite my many skills I am overwhelmed by enemies from all over. Though it would ease my mind to kill all my enemies, I am praying that I will be set on a better path with a proper purpose unlike my past purpose as a tool." Hunter prayed a bit more then began collecting the bones, skins and meat to the best of his ability. He planned on making some armor and weapons with the bones, as well as some clothing with the skins. As for the meat he planned to cube it and smoke it to make it last longer.

Then he moved back to the tall grass and bundled it up till he could find a safer place to set up camp. He was hoping for finding a good campground, but he was in no position to be picky. Since he helped himself to the supplies he didn't want to hang around in case he was accused of stealing from a sacred place.

Hunter walked towards the east leaving the strange place behind. He collect a bit of meat, few bones and tanned hide. He had no way of carrying too much with him and the pieces of bones and hide were small and already carved. Maybe he could think of a way to use them somehow.

The Plains stretched in all direction as the sky began to darken. He needs to make a decision soon on what he is going to do. His water is running low as well.

Hunter was concerned for finding water now. Since he had no map and the territory he was in was different from how he got there he was concerned where the water sources were. Seeing as he had limited options he knelt down and began to pray to Cambena again in hopes of being directed to a good water source. He relaxed his mind and body as he was hoping to feel some form of guidance.

Maybe this business of asking things from the gods was not as easy he thought. Hunter knelt for a while without any answer or sign. It would surely be too much to expect that after a lifetime of denying the Gods they would simply turn their attention to him and his plight.

Maybe the right thing to do in this situation was to look for animal tracks. Animals like humans needed water. All he needed to do was follow one to a watering hole or a nearby stream.

So Hunter collected his stuff and began working on tracking some animals towards any watering hole around.


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