Plots within plots

Stoneshade Keep

The Duke's seneschal brought his next guest through into his chamber, after the departure of Melandra. While he still needed to consider how best to turn the treason of Voah Sahnsuur into the city's advantage and the solidify the concerns of Salos into the continent. The Inquisition could not be allowed to strengthen their power in Arcadia more than it was needed in the coming conquering. Plus the people would always need their gods.

The Apothecary walked into the room and bowed deeply to the Lord Commander, who motioned for the man to take a seat.

"Thank you for seeing me Your Grace!" he said peeling his gloves off slowly. "I had not had an opportunity to present my report to you, since my return."

"Any progress?" the Duke asked looking at the peculiar man.

"Some. The mould is clearly hallucinogenic in nature, creating a range of sensory alterations and states of psychosis. . It also causes excruciating headaches. Only water seems to neutralise its nefarious effects." Nicolaus stated pulling a small vial with the luminescent mould found in Aquilo's underground ruins.

"How do you propose we use it to our advantage?" the Duke asked.

Nicolaus pondered the question. "The potency of the mould appears to be mightily reduced once one is aware of its effects. But I could find a way to refine it. Maybe even create an antidote." came the reply.

"What do you need to continue your experimentations?" came the follow up reply.

"More samples from the mines. A few more people to use as test subjects. I'm afraid I had to dispose of the last batch upon my return." the Apothecary explained.

"I will ask my guards to deliver five more prisoners to your shop. At night of course." the Duke replied. "And will instruct Sir Zane to collect more samples for you..."

"Ideally we would capture one of those Neph-Kin that captured Tarmen and the Arbiter, as well Your Grace." he suggested. "The symbiotic relation they possess with the mould could be of great advantage to us."

The Duke nodded. "I might have the right people for such as job." he said starting to make some notes.

"And the drug? This Felfar? Any news?"

"None Your Grace. I have not been able to work out how some people seem to have divine revelations when consuming it. It's highly addictive must come from some biological substance I have not been able to detect." he replied with a hint of frustration.

"Keep me updated on your progress." came the words that meant a dismissal. Nicolaus stood up, bowing and turned to leave.

"Oh and Apothecary, one last thing. See to it that these subjects last you longer than the last batch." he said with an icy tone. "Restrain your cravings, man."

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