The Craven Pack

The Craven Pack were originally something vaguely resembling a mercenary band, largely made of woodcutters and hunters, hailing from the area known as The Trident in Southern Salos, where the three Kingdoms meet.

They are adept in fighting in wooded and mountainous areas using guerrilla warfare. They are also particularly adept in fighting magik.

The Pack were originally made up of the peoples living in the Oraz Woods at the time of the Salos expansion, but slowly evolved into one of the most historic and recognised companies in Salosian military.

They are now a legendary stand alone elite division of the Kingdom of Salos feared and respected in equal measures among allies and foes.

A collection of sappers, marines, engineers, infantry, and cavalry veterans brought together from best squads that the Empire has to offer.

They have a reputation to get the hardest jobs done while applying innovative tactics and weaponry in the field of battle.

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