It’s Not Called The Great Desert of Skulls For Nothing

JP with Omni and Winteroak

It had been a few days and Voah had hoped to to see more mingling and comradary within the camp and wished to observe and participate in all of the aspects of the travelers cultre, but she understood that as foreigners, these people could only extend their kindness and trust so far.

She did as she was bidden and found pleasure in the little things as she toiled. A women's scold, reminding her to work with patience, care and attentivenss when she was lost in thought or seemed bored; a mother's smile at her mischievous son as he tested his boundaries. These things brought her back to her own childhood and with it bittersweet feelings that didn't go unnoticed by one of the women that worked closely beside her. She conversed in basic words and short sentences with the group in both Helian and Atsiganii, as they cooked and washed and stitched.

Voah asked if she could purchase some cloth and some sewing materials from them but they explained that they had none to spare and that she could acquire some in Desmen. Her plans would have to wait then.

Each evening, when they had the chance and there was still light enough light, Voah would transcribe the Vauxian script as best she could with translation into her personal journal. When they didn’t have light, for they had no lantern, they would speak to each other in Helian, Mizaran, Vauxian and signing.

When they were two days away from Desmen, Voah and Gonyaul directed some more inquiries to Zargani about traveling into the desert.

“We have concerns about Gra’akast. Do you think it’s possible for us, being foreigners, to find work there and make a home? Also… we know very little about the desert. What else can we expect?”

Zargani looked at Voah and considered her questions. "The Ozainae tolerate no other Gods than the Twins." He started slowly trying to emphasize how important this would be in the Holy City. "They see all other Gods as demons sent to lead humanity astray. So any gods you hold in your heart you must leave them behind if you are to make a living on Gra'akast." He explained.

"The city is not what it once was. Much of it lays abandoned. It is home to the priest-sorcerers of The Wandering mainly. I myself have only visited once." He explained not sure if they would be able to settle there or not. It all depended on what skills they had to offer.

"If you have never seen a desert it is hard to explain. It's hot. Bloody hot. Temperatures soar almost as if you are in a forge and the night are brutally cold." He tried to explain. "Sand and dunes stretch as far as the eye can see. It is a barren landscape where little rain falls and is hostile for plant and animal life. Water is life in the desert and only those who know where to find oasis and watering holes survive." He said going he had painted a good picture.

"It's not called The Great Desert of Skulls for nothing." He grinned.

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