Islana meets the Camel

As the Caravan had proceeded out into the sandy furnace, Islana realized there was definitely a rank system with where people were placed.

The young woman was stuck walking behind almost everyone, including the guards. Such was the life of a slave. Even if anyone was back there with her, she didn't speak their language, so, there was a lot of time to take in the scenery and reflect.

Reflection seemed to result in that familiar pang of missing her friends and wondering what they were doing. Her thoughts turned to Shalia, the woman had surprised Islana since meeting her. Being treated like a person who mattered and not like a piece of property, had come completely unexpected. The two had bonded in their own ways, it seemed, and being in service to another had turned out to not be a terrible experience. Islana wanted to help the older witch in what were likely awful conditions for her but there was really nothing the redhead could do.

Thoughts turned back to the surroundings, her eyes lingered on the landscape. While it seemed to be a barren wasteland, it truly wasn't. Occasionally, a bird would fly overhead, or an animal far too small to make out would scramble off in the distance. It was interesting that creatures lived out here and the young witch wanted to get closer, and put her eyes upon them. Of course, she couldn't but wondering what they really looked like gave her mind a task.

The caravan brought its own interesting sights and sounds it seemed and Islana was taking in all of that, that she could, as well, with more questions about that culture taking root in her mind.

It turned out that the rank system applied, not only to where people were placed, but who rode the camels and when. Which meant, at first, the redhead doubted she was going to have a chance to ride the amazing animals at all. However, it became clear that there was a way here, perhaps a way of the desert, everyone got to ride, eventually.

Hence, it was hours and hours of walking, before they got to her but Islana was finally led to one of the brown dromedaries.

Green eyes lit up and, if it wasn't so hot, her legs might have run to the camels. There were plenty of looks, which read as friendly amusement, at the young woman's excitement over riding a camel. It was possible that even Shalia's guards, well the younger ones, found it entertaining, having never seen the young woman in that way before.

There was nowhere her gaze went but up, upon getting close to the one she would be riding. The tallest horse Islana had ever ridden, at the saddle, met her at eye level. This mount, however, was likely more than a foot taller than the petite women.

Islana was rarely intimidated by any creature, and there was none now. Just wonder and a feeling of being completely thrilled.

Having seen many others get off and on the camels, there was a small wait, to allow the animal to lie down so she could get on. The shift as they rose felt like the rockiest ship in the sea.

Lean into the motion, that was the main pointer given, and it was adhered to. Success. The young witch, Kaithak, and the camel were all moving together.

There were no words to describe how much Islana felt in her element at this moment. She would be allowed to ride until the group broke for camp and the young woman savored every moment.

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