Cold Welcome

JP with Omni, Lorem and Winteroak

“As for the two of us, we come in peace. But we cannot speak for all the others from across the sea. I do know that there are many who do not want war. And those that do, believe they are entitled to these lands in one way or another, whether by destiny or will of the Gods. I can tell you that these holy warriors, may be misled, but they are relentless… and it may not be long before their reach extends to Desdem. ” she said with some shame as she bowed her head slightly.

Zargari looked at Voah frowning slightly. He spoke to the men, translating the words. The elders looked on impassively. One said something to Zargani before the three got up and walking away.

"He said, ‘that is exactly what an enemy would say.’ That they come in peace. They will have your goods for you tomorrow. I will speak to the caravan master tomorrow on your behalf."

Then he left the two of them alone.

Gonyaul did not like that he was being included in those responsible for the mess and chaos at large. These distrusting men seemed resolute to learn the difference in those that came in peace and those that don’t the hard way. Gonyaul hoped they would never need to find out.

He thanked all present for their time and was about to speak up to Zargani regarding his offer from earlier; however, the man had already moved on. Gonyaul was sure he had more pressing matters and didn’t pursue.

Gonyaul turned to Voah. “So no want help with crops?” He sighed. “Not understand why wouldn’t want knowledge to grow better food?”

It was as she suspected. They wouldn’t take the word of two strangers from the stone city, including Gonyaul, even though he played no part in any of their affairs. He may be just as much looked on as an enemy.

“They don’t know us. They have no reason to trust us. We could just as well be poisoning their crops.” Voah explained.

Gonyaul saw Voah’s point as valid and let go of thinking about it. He was sure he could earn their trust if given enough time; however, they may not be there long enough for turning the hearts and minds of strangers.

“True … nnn … wish I could help though.”

She sighed, knowing that going on might not be any easier.

“We still have time to at least leave them with information before we go. We can warn them of the types of warfare they will encounter, weapons, armor, horses. You can leave advice to try on a section of crops and they can take it or leave it. We continue on to Gra’Akast.”

Gonyaul was encouraged by Voah’s cleverness. He smiled and gave her a wink. Half his face moved with the closing of the eye, it was a work in progress.

“You are as smart as you are lovely. And the competition between them improves both.”

He began helping gather the things that didn’t get taken in the trade. It was a short process. He than began walking side by side back to their tent.

“I think moving on sounds like best choice now too.”

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