Green, lush, a welcomed sight to Islana's eyes. As fascinating as the desert was, the fact that in the middle of endless amounts of brown sand, stood this little piece of tranquility, was even more so.

Islana was so mesmerized, that for the first time since leaving on this journey, she had to be reminded, there was work to do to set up camp. Of course, it didn't take much of a reminder, given Islana fell into helping mode quite easily.

Once done, Kaithak was retrieved back onto her arm and the hood was taken off the falcon's head. As far as the young witch was concerned her avian friend should see this place, as well.

Kaithak moved his head around as if trying to take in all of this. He seemed almost as surprised by this gift of nature as Islana was herself.

Noticing others picking dates, she asked Agizul how to tell if the small fruits were ripe. It was an easy enough explanation, when the dates were brown and soft. However, she couldn't really help with the gathering of the dates, as whole bunches were cut off at a time.

The oasis wasn't very large, small enough that it could be explored without venturing too far from camp. So, once there were no more duties for the redhead, that's what happened. Taking Kaithak with her, she explored the fertile area.

Small lizards crawled up and down trees, eating small bugs who had gotten too close.

Birds in brown, black, red, orange and a variety of colors could be seen occasionally gracing the sky or landing on the trees. Coming close to one tree, her green eyes wandered up to spot the small bright yellow bird who could be heard tweeting away.

A turtle was going about its business near the water source. Snakes slithered in and out of some of the taller grasses.

The colors of the flowers rivaled those of the birds; both were almost outdone by the vibrant hues which made up the seemingly large number of butterflies.

The redhead placed Kaithak on a branch nearby, moved a little ways away from the bird and stood completely still. Small wings of orange with white spots, fluttered nearby then landed on her arm.

Islana's lips curled into a smile, as her eyes watched the small insect. This was her center, her calm place. The young witch had come to realize that the animals were far more important to achieving this feeling than the place itself.

After several moments, the butterfly flew off. Breathing this place in for another moment or two, before retrieving the falcon and returning back to the camp, Islana had needed this stop even more than she realized.

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