Matters of Faith

JP with Esimed and Winteroak

Ostiarium - Misty Ward

“I wish to pick your mind over three topics,” Melandra said, holding up four spindly fingers.  “Have you any care with which we dawn our discourse?”

The Friar frowned. "Ask away Milady. I will answer to the best of my abilities." He said wondering how drunk she was.

"Splendid.  Realising that faith can be quite the personal journey - of which I'd prefer not to speak of my own - you are the paramount figure on these matters, and I'd hoped perhaps you would care to share a bit of insight."

"I don't think I fully grasp what type of insight you are after, my child." He told her honestly as they rounded a corner arriving on the footsteps of the Rectory.

"I should hope not, lest my position be rendered impotent, but I will elaborate.  In your opinion, as a man of deep faith, what would drive one of similar capacity who has devoted an entire life's consumption to faith in perhaps an overenthusiastic manner, what would drive them to turn away from the Church and the Pillars?"

The older man was surprised by the depth of such a question. He pondered what could be making her question such things and wondered for a split second if this had anything to do with the news about Arbiter Voah Sahnsuur.

They arrived at the Rectory, two acolytes came and greet the Friar before the man asked for some tea to be taken to his small library where he offered Melandra a seat .

"That is a very profound question, my dear." He started considering the question's profundity. "Loss is usually the main factor that makes people turn away from the Light of the Pillars, in my experience." He explained.

"A woman's young baby dies a few days after being born and they question how that can be their will. A father watches his children go hungry every night while he toils the land until his back his broken and his hands bloody and he questions why the Pillars would allow for a few to have so much with so little effort and others have nothing while working all their lives." He had seen many question their faith at their darkest time.

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