Ashes to Ashes

Words…? Alexis didn’t know if she had any. They had not been friends, a community of destiny at best, if one wanted to call it that.

And still he took the blow for her, when he could have snuck away in the first place. He had everything he needed to continue his quest on his own, the quest that had been his life for those last years. She still couldn’t understand why…

Alexis took flint and steel with a nod of thanks and stepped up to the pyre.

“I… can’t fathom the suffering you have faced that lead you on your path.”

She crouched down and began to ignite the pyre.

“You said you were loosing yourself…”
she continued, barely above a whisper.

“… so all I can ask for you is that you may find yourself again on the other side.”

Alexis proceeded to set fire to several areas of the pyre until the flames converged and began to reach for the still body above them.

“…And that you may finally know peace.”

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