Leaving The Past Behind

Islana's sand covered, beaten by the elements body, arose from her state of flattened to the ground, slowly to kneeling, then to standing. There was no sense of time, she could have been laying there with her mental encounter for minutes, hours, or even perhaps days.

As her hands went to work brushing off some of the sand that seemed to have gotten everywhere, a familiar sound of her falcon could be heard overhead.

Kaithak come. The falcon landed on her arm. Islana carefully inspected the bird, he seemed fine and logically the redhead knew the falcon had gotten out of the way of the storm but she was a little wary he might get injured again. It only took a moment before Kaithak returned to the sky

Turning the inspection to herself, she still had her scarf tied to her head, her clothing converting her body, shoes had remained on her feet. Her hand reached the small silver bird gracing her neck, it was there, as it had been from the moment her father had given it to her, all those years ago.

There was an allowance of a small amount of water, from the skin. The wetness caressed her chapped lips and lingered in her mouth a little longer than usual before she swallowed the liquid. One sip wasn't going to be enough so she opted for three, it was a valuable commodity and Islana knew there would be no sparing more of that right now.

Her stomach growled like a hungry tiger, when was the last time she ate anything? Apparently, it had been a while. Her ability could, likely, get Kaithak to hunt for her or bring an animal to her, but there was no way to make a fire. The food could wait, or so the young woman told herself.

The sun and heat were becoming brutal, she had no equipment, no food, little water. What was she doing? A sense of being torn came upon her, her body turned around facing the direction the Oasis sat.. She could get back there, probably before the others left. Explain what happened to Shalia.

The thoughts lasted only a moment, and her body didn't move, before feeling the "call" overtake her once again. It had been a test, likely, this entire journey would just be one test after another.

Her future did not lay back there. A silent goodbye was given to her old life, it had served the young witch well in getting her here but it was time to move forward. Turning around she did just that, taking the first steps of the day.

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