No Breaking

Days in the blistering heat, the consistent sand hit her from the breezes that would randomly pop up, the blazing sun beat down relentlessly. Her sunburn had gotten progressively worse and the areas exposed the most had begun to blister.

Islana walked endlessly, across the dunes, only resting when her body couldn't take another step. Sleep wasn't safe, so, rests were never long. Which didn't leave much time to recover from the aches that had begun to take hold.

Halfway up another dune, Islana's legs gave out, sending the redhead to the ground. Her body had gone as long as it could, food was now essential. Somehow concentration was achieved, her eyes flashed green and a small mouse-like creature came near.

"I'm sorry but I need to eat," Using her ability to get an animal to come near her just to eat it, seemed wrong. Even as a hunter, she had never done that.

If she had commanded Kaithak to do it, would it have been any different? Not really. It was a situation that gave the witch no options but food or death.

Holding the small animal, Islana made the death as painless as possible by snapping its neck. There was no knife, so skinning and cleaning had to be done by hand.

The ritual of giving thanks to the animal, was still with the witch and was utilized in this moment. Then the meat was popped into her mouth and swallowed quickly, in an attempt to not have a chance to really taste it.

It was by no means enough food, Islana took a breath and for the first time ever attempted the command "hunt" on her falcon. Before she knew it, small rodents were being left in front of her, when five had been gathered that was enough. Sending the signal to stop, Kaithak landed on the ground near her.

The ritual, the quick slaughter and intake of the raw meat, it would have to become commonplace, until there were other alternatives.

Lifting the skin to her lips was more wishful thinking, than anything. As careful as Islana had been with her water, it still only lasted so long and there was no surprise when the last drop hit her lips.

A moment of defeat overtook her, but then the calling was felt once again, another moment, to find that inner strength. Islana stood, Kaithak took off, and the journey continued.

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